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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 728 Free Novel

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He looked at five ghost-like people, and said dumbfounded: “You…you…what’s the matter?! What happened to your foreheads? Why is it all blood?! This… …. How does it happen? It looks like it was written by someone?!”

As several of them kept their heads down, it was difficult for Regnar to make out the words on their foreheads.

Jones Zizhou immediately took a step forward, thumped, and knelt in front of Regnar, and said in fear, “Mr. Regnar, I was not able to do things well, please punish me!”

Seeing these people in such a horrible situation, Regnar’s heart shook, his face changed suddenly, and he asked: “You can tell me clearly, what happened?!”

Jones Zizhou knelt on the ground, bowed his head and cried, “Mr. Regnar, we went to help Liu Guang deal with Orvel as ordered by the young master. Today in Classic Mansion, we had already controlled Orvel and even caught Jacob, Charlie’s old father-in-law, but who expected that Charlie suddenly rushed in…”

Speaking of this, he wept bitterly and said: “Mr. Orvel, that Charlie’s strength is too strong, not to mention that I am not his opponent. Even the five of us can’t help beat him at all. However, not only did we all have our arms scrapped by him, but he also engraved words on our foreheads…”

Regnar was struck by lightning!

Better than Jones Zizhou? ! Is that still a human? !

He trembled with disbelief on his face and said, “Even you are not Charlie’s opponents?! That Rubbish…that Rubbish is so strong?!”

As he said, he thought of engraving, and hurriedly asked: “Engraving? What kind of words? Look up, let me see!”

Jones Zizhou and the others hesitated for a while, but didn’t dare to defy Regnar’s orders, they could only raise their heads with a gray face, that expression was even more tragic than the dead family!

Regnar and his son observed at these people’s foreheads, and suddenly became furious!

Roger beep!

Wu Qi loves to eat sh!t!

Roger is gay!

Regnar is incompetent!

I want to poop to Roger to eat!

They looked at these extremely humiliating words, their faces turned green!

Regnar has lived for most of his life. He has seen all kinds of punishment methods, and he has even seen many corpses who died tragically, but he has never seen such a scene!

This…this is f*cking cruel!

Engrave on someone’s forehead, and the engraved words are still so full of humiliation!

This really makes people feel a tingling scalp and chills in the limbs!

Regnar was panicked and angry, and questioned: “This is all done by the waste Charlie?!”

Jones Zizhou knelt on the ground and said: “It was the calligraphy that he asked Orvel to make, and he also asked me to bring you a message, saying that if you want to target him, just go for him, but if you dare to involve people around him, then he will let Wu family never recover…”

After Roger heard this, he couldn’t help but furious, gritted his teeth and said: “Dad, Charlie alone would dare to let my Wu family be overwhelmed. What a big tone! How can you be worthy of the Wu family’s face if you don’t kill him!”

Regnar’s expression was a bit cold, and he said, “Do you think it is easy to kill him? These five people have been completely abandoned. You and I, the father and son are in Aurous Hill. Now there is not even a bodyguard. If Charlie comes to the door, can we resist?!”

Just now, Roger, who was pretending to be forced to kill Charlie, turned pale in shock and said: “Dad, let’s run now!”

Regnar glared at him, and said in dissatisfaction: “What are you panicking? This is Shangri-La! I don’t believe that Eastcliff Wade family’s property, that waste dare to kill here! If he really dares to come, then Eastcliff Wade family will never let him go!”