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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 723 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 723 Start

Jacob has been in the corner, silently watching his son-in-law turn things around and kill all quarters, and he is extremely shocked.

He didn’t understand why Charlie had such a strong strength and such a strong aura.

This is totally two extremes from Charlie, who is usually called a rag by Elaine at home!

At this time, Charlie stepped forward to him and asked, “Dad, are you okay?”

Jacob hurriedly shook his head and said, “I am okay, it’s okay, oh, fortunately you came in time, otherwise I will be miserable…”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Dad, you are fine. I have already taught these people, are you satisfied?”

“Satisfied and satisfied!” Jacob nodded as if pounding garlic, and then said a little worried: “Charlie, were you a bit too cruel just now? That Wu family… won’t come to avenge you, right?”

Charlie smiled and said: “When dealing with Wu family, you can’t be afraid of their revenge. If you don’t provoke him, he will kill you. Then instead of doing this, it’s better to do it with him, what do you think?”

Jacob said embarrassingly, “That’s right, but I’m just worried. They bit us hard. We don’t have the money or the big business as of their family. If we really do it, we might want lose!”

Charlie waved his hand: “Dad, don’t worry, I will protect Claire, as well as ensure the safety of you and mom. Don’t worry about that.”

Jacob nodded um.

Charlie said again: “By the way, Dad, in order not to worry Claire and Mom about this matter, we must not tell them both when we go back.”

“That’s that!” How dare Jacob say, if Elaine knew about such a big thing, she wouldn’t try to fry him? She must be upset at home!

Charlie relaxed.

The only thing he’s afraid of is that the Old Master can’t keep his mouth shut and tell what happened today.

But he seemed scared enough to follow his words, Guess this matter can be stabilized.

Charlie immediately said to Orvel: “Mr. Orvel, find more subordinates to accompany you these days, and by the way, find some subordinates to protect my family members secretly, don’t take it lightly.”

Mr. Orvel nodded immediately: “Mr. Wade, please rest assured, I will make arrangements!”

“Yeah.” Charlie smiled slightly: “Okay, I will take father-in-law home. Now that the matter is resolved, we should also go back.”

After finishing speaking, he said to Jacob, “Dad, shall we go?”

“OK, OK.” Jacob nodded hurriedly.

He just wants to go home quickly and digest the whole bunch of things that just happened.

When Charlie took the old man home, Liu Guang and his son were at home like bandits, frantically tossing and cleaning the gold and silver at home.

Liu Ming’s mother hadn’t figured out what was going on. Seeing that her husband was also engraved with words on his forehead, and it was the four characters of the father of the poor, she hurried forward to ask.

Liu Guang blurted out: “Don’t ask so much, we are in a big disaster now, and we must pack our things quickly. We must leave Aurous Hill tonight, otherwise we may die without a place to bury!”

“Ah?!” Liu Ming’s mother hurriedly asked: “Where are we going?”

“Go to Malaysia!” Liu Guang said, “Go to my brother, and never return to China again!”

“What?!” Liu Ming’s mother collapsed instantly and cried out: “Why are you going to Malaysia suddenly? I can’t come back later? What about my parents? What about my brothers and sisters?”

Liu Guang questioned: “You don’t want your life anymore? Give it back to your parents. Your parents are doing well in Aurous Hill. Now the trouble is that our family of three will die. Maybe your parents will come to give it to you. The three of us, to collect the corpses? Hurry up and pack things!”