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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 722 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 722 Start

But whether it is true or not, no one knows.

Orvel was also a little annoyed at this time, and slapped Jones Zizhou’s face with a slap, and cursed: “Just your bullshit, if you don’t believe it, I will give you a preface to the King of Teng?”

Jones Zizhou was drawn to observe at Venus. At this time, he really didn’t dare to beep any more, so he could only cry while enduring Mr. Orvel’s sharp blade.

He could feel the sensation of the tip of the knife cutting the skin on his forehead and touching the skull. The sharp pain made him almost faint, and the blood was constantly dripping from his forehead, even making him unable to open his eyes at all.

He had to regret and regret at this moment in his heart. He knew that today, no matter how much Regnar gave, he would not be able to kill Mr. Orvel…

Unfortunately, in this world, there is no regret medicine to take…

At this time, Regnar’s five bodyguards all became human calligraphy works, and all five faces were terrible. Especially the last Jones Zizhou was carved with eight characters directly, and his forehead was not enough, so he borrowed the place of his face. , The whole face looked terrifying.

Moreover, the words engraved on their faces are all insults to the Wu family, and it is estimated that the Wu family will see their lungs explode.

Jones Zizhou cried and asked, “Mr. Wade, can you let us go?”

Charlie said: “Of course I can let it go, but in order to prevent you people from continuing to help the gang, I have to teach you a lesson!”

After all, Charlie grabbed the person in front of him, smashed his two arms with two punches, and with the remaining people did the same.

In the blink of an eye, all of these people’s arms were scrapped.

In the future, wanting to be a bodyguard, a killer, and a thug is absolutely useless. No one will hire such a disabled person as a bodyguard.

Therefore, it is certainly impossible for them to continue to harm society in the future.

The five of them had been tortured at this time and looked uncomfortable, and it felt that even if they were caught in the temple of Yama, they would feel more comfortable than here.

Charlie is too human! His method of torture is simply unheard of…

At this time, Charlie stood up with satisfaction and said coldly: “You five, go back and bring words to Regnar and Roger. If they want to target me, just let them go, but if they dare to involve rest of the people around me, then I will make the entire Wu family an example!”

The five people struggled to get up with their legs and ran out of Classic Mansion in a very embarrassing manner.

After the five people fled, Mr. Orvel asked Charlie: “Mr. Wade, Liu Guang, Liu Ming’s cross talk video, what are you going to do with it? Do you want to upload it on YouTube now?”

Charlie waved his hand and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, wait a while, let Liu Guang and Liu Ming run for a while, or it will be seen by the Wu family as soon as I let go, and the Wu family will offer a reward. Their lives, then they may not survive tomorrow morning and have to report to Hades.”

Mr. Orvel hurriedly said, “Isn’t it better to die? These two people should have died a long time ago as dogs with Wu’s family!”

Charlie smiled and said: “If you didn’t make this video, it would naturally be the most worry-free killing them, but since the video has been filmed, it would naturally make them live the most worried, because they only need to live, Wu family will be laughed at by the people all over the country, and will be immersed in the pain of humiliation and anger all day long, unable to extricate themselves! Therefore, Liu Guang and Liu Ming have to be kept alive! They are alive, this is interesting!”

Mr. Orvel nodded immediately and said, “I understand Mr. Wade!”

After that, Mr. Orvel asked again: “Mr. Wade, what about Regnar and Roger?”

Charlie looked at the time and said, “I guess these five people will go to Regnar to complain and complain now, but Regnar is a very dogged person. If the situation is wrong, he will definitely run away, maybe even overnight. Take Roger back to Suzhou.”

Mr. Orvel blurted out: “Mr. Wade, then we have to find a way, we can’t let the tiger go back to the mountain!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “It’s okay to let the tigers go back to the mountain. After all, the Wu family is more than these two tigers. Let them go back first to bring out more tigers. The best way is to find an opportunity to kill them all at once!”

Speaking of this, Charlie asked Mr. Orvel: “Have you heard a word?”

Mr. Orvel hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade, what are you talking about?”

Charlie smiled and said, “A family, it just needs to be neat and tidy!”