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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 720 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 720 Start

The first person to engrave four characters;

The second person five words;

The third person engraved six characters;

The fourth person engraved seven characters;

I’m the fifth, don’t I have to engrave eight characters? !

How can there be such a big place on the forehead!

Jones Zizhou suddenly cried, wiping his tears, and begged: “Mr. Wade, please forgive me this time. From now on, I will wait on you before and after. Everything, I will listen to your instructions and be your dog… …”

Charlie said calmly: “You are not qualified to be my dog, but if you continue to talk so much nonsense, I will let Mr. Orvel take you to the kennel and feed his dog! He will do what I say, if you don’t believe it, try another sentence!”

Jones Zizhou suddenly closed his mouth in fright.

He was really afraid of Charlie!

Since Charlie said so, he doesn’t care about letting a bullsh*t, for fear that Charlie will really kill him!

At this time, Mr. Orvel picked up the dagger from the ground, walked to the person who raised his hand first, and asked, “Mr. Wade, what is the first to carve?”

Charlie thought for a while and said, “You have to be concise and concise! How can you be concise and concise…”

After thinking for a moment, Charlie blurted out: “If you have it, just make Roger beep!”

The man was about to cry.

If the four characters Roger silly beep are engraved on one’s forehead, the eldest master can’t kill him alive? !

However, he didn’t dare to refuse halfway at this time, because now he has no right to refuse. If he dares to say a word, he might irritate Charlie and be sent to the kennel to feed the dog!

“Okay.” Mr. Orvel readily agreed, holding a dagger, and engraving four deep words on this person’s face: “Roger silly beep”.

The man’s face was dripping with blood, and the four big characters on his face and forehead made the other four people feel chilling.

After carving, Mr. Orvel pulled out the second person who signed up and asked Charlie, “Mr. Wade, what about this person?”

Charlie thought about it and said with a smile: “This time it’s five words, so let’s engrave Wu Qi likes to eat sh!t.”

Orvel nodded, and immediately carved his own human calligraphy on the second person’s forehead.

At this time, Jones Zizhou found that the number of words really increased as he went on, so he hurriedly shouted: “Great Mr. Orvel! I’m the third, I’m the third! Don’t grab anyone!”

Orvel gave a sneer and asked, “Where is your arrogant energy? Why is it like this now? What’s the difference between it and a dog which eats food?”

Jones Zizhou hurriedly pleaded: “Great Mr. Orvel, you regard me as a dog, so please engrave it for me first!”

Charlie frowned, went up and kicked Jones Zizhou directly, and said coldly: “You guy are really unscrupulous. The four of them are little brothers who were born to die with you. You want to cheat them in the face of disaster?”

Jones Zizhou was kicked far away, crying and said, “Mr. Wade, I am a timid and fearful lord, so please be kind and let the master Orvel engrave it for me first…”

Charlie said coldly: “Stop the f*cking nonsense with me, you are the last! Beep more with me, and just engrave a list of teachers on your face!”

Mr. Orvel smiled and said: “Mr. Wade, the teacher’s list is very long, I am afraid that on the face it will not be carved!”

As he said, Mr. Orvel recited and counted with his fingers, and said: “The first emperor has not started his own business but the middle way has collapsed. Today is three points, Zizhou is exhausted…Oh, this is almost full. The face is full…”

Charlie waved his hand indifferently, and said, “There is no engraving on his face and a neck, no neck is engraved, and his body. If it’s a big deal, he will engrave all the places where love can be engraved on his body and let him see more often. Seeing the teacher’s table and memorizing the teacher’s table more often, it can be regarded as learning his loyalty and righteousness!”

Jones Zizhou was frightened immediately, and hurriedly cried and pleaded: “Mr. Wade! Mr. Wade, I was wrong. I dare not beep anymore. You are right. I am the last one! I won’t say a word. Honestly waiting!”