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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 718 Free Novel

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Speaking of this, Liu Guang paused, and still mustered the courage to say: “But to tell you the truth, Regnar’s wife is still very good. I think back then, she was also a famous beauty in the Suzhou area!”

Liu Ming hurriedly asked, “Is that the one who likes to cuckold Regnar, and even plans to wear 10,000?”

“Yes, that’s her!” Liu Guang said with a look of fascination: “I really want to come with her once in my dreams! Let me also put a green hat on Regnar!”

Liu Ming said hurriedly, “Dad, I heard that she never refused to come. Would you like to take me too?”

Liu Guang smiled and said: “Okay, let’s go now? It’s not nine o’clock in the evening. I will drive, drive faster. We can reach Suzhou at 12 o’clock, just enough to make Regnar’s wife Take good care of us!”

“come!” Liu Ming also hurriedly smiled: “Then let’s set off now!”

At this time, Charlie pressed the button to stop the video and nodded in satisfaction: “Yes, not bad. It seems that you two have a talent for talking about cross talk. Okay, run away!”

Liu Guang was crying and asked, “Mr. Wade, are you sending this video?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded, and said, “I will send this to TikTok immediately. Once your cross talk is on TikTok, it is estimated that the whole network will become popular immediately!”

Liu Guang trembled in fright, and said, “Mr. Wade, can you post the video again later? If you do it now, the Wu family will come to chase us down soon…”

Charlie kicked Jones Zizhou, who was like a dead dog, and said to Liu Guang: “Look at you, what are you afraid of? The Wu family brought all these bodyguards. Now they are all lying here. What can you do? Afraid? Are you afraid that Regnar and Roger will chase down you two in person? I think they may not be as good as your two. If the four of you fight, they must be the ones who suffer.”

Liu Guang thought about it, it seems that this is indeed the case.

No one is available in the Wu family in Aurous Hill. It takes time to transfer people from Suzhou. By then, he and his son will be gone.

Liu Ming said to Liu Guang, “Dad, let’s go back and pack our things, and then drive to Eastcliff overnight and buy the earliest plane to fly to Malaysia tomorrow. If that’s the case, the Wu family will definitely not be able to catch us!”

Liu Guang sighed and said: “This video of ours will offended the entire Wu family. I’m afraid they will chase us both around the world desperately with anger…”

Liu Ming shuddered, and said with some worry: “Dad, the Wu family shouldn’t be too bad, right?”

“No?” Liu Guang sighed: “You don’t know, Regnar loves his wife the most…We insulted his wife so much, I’m afraid…”

Charlie was too lazy to listen to the nonsense of the two of them here, and said lightly: “I’m going to upload the video right away. If you two of you want to run, run quickly. You can survive fast. Don’t blame me if you run slow. Give you a chance to survive!”

Liu Guang recovered, and hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, we are leaving! We are leaving now!”

After finishing talking, he pulled Liu Ming and blurted out: “Come, go home and pack up, go to Eastcliff overnight!”

Liu Ming was also afraid of being chased by the Wu family, and hurriedly nodded.

Immediately afterwards, the father and son ran away nervously and embarrassedly.

Looking at the backs of the two of them, Mr. Orvel asked Charlie respectfully: “Mr. Wade, just let them go like this?”

Charlie nodded and said, “Don’t worry, the two of them insulted the Wu family so much. The Wu family will definitely do their best to hunt them down. They may not be able to live long, even if they live long, they will be fearful for a lifetime.”

Charlie said with a smile: “Moreover, they will never have the courage to return to China in their entire lives, and they may not dare to return to the country for burial if they die. Otherwise, the descendants of the Wu family will definitely dig out their ashes!”