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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 707 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 707 Start

As early as when Liu Guang rushed into the Diamond Box, Charlie left home and drove the Old Master’s BMW car to Classic Mansion.

Originally, he was not prepared to go out so early.

But his mother-in-law Elaine kept talking to him at home.

For a while, she disliked Jacob as he went to a restaurant to be extravagant. She felt that 20,000 would be better for her to buy cosmetics, and by the way, she could go to the mahjong hall to rub a few circles with friends;

After a while, she disliked Charlie for not going out to work and eat plain rice when he was idle at home;

Later, she said more and more vigorously. She insisted on introducing Charlie to a job as a security guard in the parking lot. She also said that the salary of 3,000 a month would be paid to him.

Charlie knew that Elaine had run out of money recently, and her pocket was cleaner than her face, and she couldn’t play outside, so she could only stay at home most of the time.

And as long as she is at home, she will be sulking and complaining constantly.

She was in a bad mood, and Charlie was even more unpleasant.

It just so happened that tonight Jacob and his wife Claire hadn’t come home yet, so Elaine kept chirping at him, really annoying Charlie, so he went out early, even in the car. Sitting is much better than listening to her complaining at home.

Charlie drove to Classic Mansion and stopped at the door of Classic Mansion. He didn’t get up in a hurry.

He checked that the time was still early, and it was estimated that the Old Master would have to sit on it for a while, so he turned off the fire and sat in the car to listen to songs and pass the time.

According to the original plan, the plan was to wait for the Old Master to call himself after he had finished drinking and had enough food and drink and then went up to pick him up.

However, after waiting at the gate of Classic Mansion for a while, Charlie realized that something was wrong.

At the gate of Classic Mansion, there have always been two security guards and two waitresses. The security guards are responsible for guarding and the waiter is responsible for welcoming guests.

But today, there is no one at the gate of Classic Mansion.

Moreover, there was a sign at the door stating that the business was closed.

“what’s the situation?”

Charlie thought to himself, did Mr. Orvel know that the Old Master is coming today, so he directly booked the venue for him?

Mr. Orvel is very insightful in handling things.

Thinking like this, he saw a lot of panicked old men at the gate of Classic Mansion.

Charlie was even more puzzled.

These old men all looked the same age as Jacob, and each of them looked scared as if something had happened inside.

So Charlie hurriedly got out of the car and stopped an Old Master to ask: “Uncle, what happened upstairs?”

It was Chairman Pei who was stopped.

He was still in shock, and he kept shaking and said, “They are killing upstairs!”

When Charlie heard this, he snorted in his heart!


What’s the situation?

Could it be that something happened to Classic Mansion?!

Thinking of this, he immediately rushed into Classic Mansion.