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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 702 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 702 Start

After a while, the beautiful female manager turned back again, and this time, behind her, there was a young man who shrank and dared not look up.

Jacob and the others in the Calligraphy and Painting Association were immediately confused and said to their hearts, this kid is the show Mr. Orvel prepared?

This young man, there is nothing outstanding about him!

However, at this moment, when the young man in front of him walked into the box, without saying anything, he immediately bowed to Orvel and said respectfully and fearfully: “Uncle, I’m here to report to you. Please review it.”

The person who came was Liu Ming.

On the same day, after mentioning the word “poor hanging” in the Champs Elysées Hot Springs, Orvel clearly told him that he would come to his front every other week to check it out in person.

In order to make sure this guy dare not do any scar removal repairs, let alone plastic surgery.

However, Orvel didn’t know that he came here today not to make a point, but to make a stand.

From entering the door to now, Liu Ming has been counting the number of security guards silently.

After entering the box, he took a closer look at the people in the box.

Seeing that the box was full of old men, he was relieved.

Even if this Old Master is a friend of Mr. Orvel, he might not have any practical combat effectiveness. With a machete, he can knock them down.

At this time, Orvel said to Liu Ming: “Liu Ming, these are the leaders of our Aurous Hill Calligraphy and Painting Association. Since it is the Calligraphy and Painting Association, it is natural to have a lot of research and attainments in calligraphy. Lift up, let Mr. Willson and the others look at the human calligraphy on your forehead, and let everyone comment on it!”

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s heart was instantly humiliated!

He wanted to turn around and leave, but he knew very well in his heart that his father was still waiting for him to go back and report the situation before bringing someone in.

Therefore, he must hold back now, and do a full set of acting!

Thinking of this, he could only grit his teeth, slowly raised his head, and showed his forehead to everyone present.

Although these old men are not young anymore, they are more or less presbyopic, but the words “poor hanging” on his forehead are really eye-catching! Everyone recognized it at a glance!

Chairman Pei said in surprise: “This…what’s going on? This little gentleman, why should you engrave the word “poor hang” on his forehead?”

Orvel sneered and said: “This little brother usually has a bad mouth, and he likes to call others poor. He accidentally offended Mr. Wade and even called Mr. Wade Poor hanging. Since he likes to say these two words, then we engraved them on his forehead so that he will accompany these two characters for the rest of his life.

Jacob asked in surprise, “Is this lettering on his forehead because he offended my son-in-law?”

“Yes!” Orvel nodded and said, “Your son-in-law, Mr. Wade!”

President Pei said in surprise: “Oh, Jacob, why haven’t you told us that you have such a powerful son-in-law!”

“Yeah!” Xuwen also sighed: “Jacob, what you hide is too deep, it’s really low-key!”

Jacob laughed and said, “Oh, my son-in-law is very low-key, so I’m not too high-key!”

Everyone complimented.

Liu Ming looked at Jacob with a smug look and thought viciously, it turns out that this old thing is the [email protected] father-in-law of Charlie!

It is going to be a jackpot today!

Today, he must take his life!

Think of it as asking d*mn son-in-law for some interest!