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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 700 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 700 Start

Jacob was also a little surprised, hesitatingly said: “This…isn’t it appropriate?”

Orvel said solemnly, “Mr. Willson, you are Mr. Wade’s father-in-law. Of course it is most appropriate to go to the Diamond Box to dine!”

When Jacob heard him say this, he relaxed and said flatly, “Great Mr. Orvel, you are so polite.”

Only then did Chairman Pei and others realize that Jacob turned out to be a better figure!

If you have a good relationship with others, you will definitely feel relieved in the future!

Afterwards, Orvel personally invited everyone to the Diamond Box.

President Pei and others followed Jacob in turn, their faces respectful, and they didn’t dare to make any big claims.

Jacob saw all this in his eyes, and he couldn’t help but close his mouth in joy.

Obviously, he’s rushing to ask these people to eat, but now, these people are all in awe with him!

At this moment, Jacob felt that the son-in-law Charlie really gave him a face!


When Jacob was invited by Orvel to go all the way to the luxurious diamond box, Liu Guang and his son and the five Wu family bodyguards headed by Jones Zizhou also came to the door of Classic Mansion.

Liu Guang’s face was full of cold killing intent.

During this period of time, his son Liu Ming’s forehead has been hanging with two big characters, living a life that is better than death.

Before today, he didn’t dare to avenge his son because he couldn’t provoke the two culprits, Charlie and Orvel.

Even the son was extremely humiliating. He came to Classic Mansion once a week to find Orvel and let Orvel check the lettering on his forehead.

This is a great shame to him and his son!

However, tonight, he wants Orvel to pay the debt!

And the reason why he brought his son here this time was precisely because tonight happened to be the day when his son came to order Mao this week. He was going to let his son use the opportunity of Willson Mao to come in and inquire about the situation of Orvel and Classic Mansion.

For example, where is Orvel and how many bodyguards he has.

If he can’t figure it out and rush in, he may be taken by Orvel to escape.

So he said to Liu Ming, who was standing next to him, “Son, you will go in later, what it was like before, and what it is today! But you have to be careful and look at Orvel. Where is the specific location, how many of his subordinates are in Classic Mansion now, who knows all about him, and then come back to report to me, got it?”

Liu Ming gritted his teeth and nodded, and said bitterly: “I know Dad! Don’t worry, I must figure it out!”

Liu Guang was pleased to pat his shoulder and said seriously: “Good son, Dad will avenge you tonight! Let Mr. Orvel pay you with his life!”

Liu Ming hurriedly asked, “Dad, besides Mr. Orvel, the one who humiliated me is Charlie! He must die too!”

“Don’t worry!” Liu Guang said seriously: “Kill Orvel tonight. I am the new underground emperor of Aurous Hill. At that time, we will cooperate with the Wu family and directly kill that Charlie! let him follow Orvel be a companion with him!”

Liu Ming was suddenly very excited, and when he recalled the humiliation he suffered during the time and the beginning, tears burst into his eyes.

Immediately, he touched the scar carved on his forehead by Orvel, crying and said, “Dad! Can the words on my forehead be removed?”

Liu Guang said in a gloomy and vicious voice: “Good son, don’t worry, when you kill these two damned guys, Dad will take you to Korea for the best cosmetic surgery and will definitely help you remove all the scars!”