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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 699 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 699 Start

Sun Youcai’s complexion changed drastically, he was scared to death in an instant, and his heart was desperate!

Let him live and sleep with the old sow, but also eating pig food?

Too f*cking disgusting, right? !

Let’s not talk about how dirty the environment in the pigsty is, just talk about the smell of the old sow, which is nasty and smelly. If you let yourself sleep with her, it will make you sick!

Besides, the pig food is full of leftovers. Due to the lack of air circulation and the sultry temperature, it will be rotten within a few hours. How can the body that has been pampered and maintained for many years be able to hold it? !

Moreover, he has to live with the old sow for a week. After a week he will no more be the same as he is now!

Thinking of this, he hurriedly begged Orvel, saying: “Great Mr. Orvel, please be merciful and forgive me. I don’t want to sleep with the old sow, the place is too dirty, I can’t stand it… ….”

Orvel sneered and said: “Can’t stand it, right? Okay, double the time, two weeks!”

Sun Youcai cried loudly.

Orvel warned: “Cry? Just add another week to cry!”

Jacob felt that Sun Youcai had been beaten up and there was no need to get him to live with the old sow for three weeks, so he said, “Or don’t go to the pig farm. The place is really dirty. .”

Orvel nodded and said: “The pig farm is indeed quite dirty, and it is very smelly, so I never run a pig farm.”

As he said, he suddenly remembered something and said excitedly: “By the way, I have a kennel in the suburbs, where there are expensive fighting dogs. Then you can chop him up and feed the dogs directly, saving worry and effort, and It is also very clean and hygienic, he will definitely like it!”

Upon hearing this, Sun Youcai was so frightened that he peeed his pants, all over.

If you can live, who would be willing to die!

It’s better to die than to live, isn’t it just sleeping and eating with the old sow?

Admit it!

Therefore, he was extremely eager to survive, and immediately pleaded: “Great Mr. Orvel, let me go and live with the old sow!”

Orvel nodded in satisfaction and said: “Take him down, remember, you must find the dirtiest pig farm!”

Afterwards, a few strong men dragged away the bruised and swollen Sun Youcai, leaving behind a table of outrageous guests.

When President Pei and others saw such a scene, their old faces twitched, and they said that Sun Youcai was not ordinary miserable.

However, who can be blamed for this, he is responsible for everything. If he had a better attitude towards Jacob, how could he end up like this?

When Sun Youcai started the three-week customized luxury tour of the pigsty, Orvel respectfully said to Jacob: “Mr. Willson, the guy just peeed on this ground. In order not to hinder you and others, please move Meals in the Diamond Box! All expenses today will be borne by Classic Mansion.”

When these words came out, President Pei and the others were shocked!

What? Did they hear right?

The dignified Aurous Hill Underground Emperor, it doesn’t matter if he is respectful to Jacob, now in order to cheat him, he actually opened the highest-standard diamond box in Classic Mansion to him? !

In the whole Aurous Hill, there are only a handful of people who are eligible to book the Diamond Box in Classic Mansion.

But now, Orvel is rushing to curry favor with Jacob, and without waiting for him to ask, he directly expresses that he wants to open the diamond box for him? And it’s free!

If this is spread out, who would dare to believe it!