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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 693 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 693 Start

Hearing that Sun Youcai actually booked a golden box upstairs, everyone present was shocked!

You know, in the entire Aurous Hill, Classic Mansion is one of the top hotels.

Even some savvy figures in the upper class of Aurous Hill, who trust their relationships and spend a lot of money, can hardly be able to book a golden box.

Among the people present, even President Pei, who has the highest status, had no chance to enter the golden box for dinner, and they had never even seen how luxurious it was.

Now, Sun Youcai is going to entertain all the people present in the golden box, so that they have the opportunity to go in and see. This is really surprising and exciting!

In comparison, Jacob’s small bronze box is completely rubbish that can’t make it to the table.

At the thought of this, everyone felt a little disappointed in Jacob.

When they look at Sun Youcai, they have an indescribable appreciation.

President Pei was a little moved, but after all, he agreed to come to Jacob’s dinner first, so it was not easy to make a decision directly, so he deliberately asked everyone for their opinions and said: “You have such a kind invitation, what do you mean?”

Someone couldn’t help saying: “President, I haven’t been to the Golden Box, just take this opportunity to learn more!”

“Yes, President! It’s also good to go in and take a few photos and post to a circle of friends!”

President Pei saw that everyone seemed to want to go to the Golden Box, so he smiled and said, “Since everyone thinks so, let’s go and see?”

“Yes, let’s go!” Everyone agreed.

Sun Youcai was overjoyed and said with a big smile: “Everyone, please come upstairs.”

Jacob on the side was depressed and broke!

Today, he was obviously the one who invited them to dinner, who would know that this would have killed a Sun Youcai halfway through!

This guy made a golden box, ran over and said a few words, and cut off the meal he had carefully prepared!

It cost 20,000 to order this meal. The key is that the money spent, not only did not play any role, but because of the appearance of Sun Youcai, he was looked down upon by everyone…

This made Jacob extremely annoyed, this time he really picked up a rock and hit his own foot.

When everyone was about to move upstairs, Sun Youcai looked at Jacob with a smug look, and said sarcastically, “Jacob, you old rag, you must have never seen how luxurious the golden box is, or you should come here too. Sit down?”

Upon hearing this, Jacob felt even more embarrassed and unbearable!

He blurted out angrily and retorted: “Sun Youcai, who do you say is the old pauper? Do you think I am someone who has never seen the world? I tell you, I have seen all the ten floors of the Brilliant Club, a golden box in Classic Mansion. That’s it, how can you say it from your broken mouth, it’s like better than the Jade Emperor’s High Heaven Palace!”

Sun Youcai laughed and said, “Oh, I said Jacob, you really laughed at me. You have been to the brilliant club because of your poor virtue? You have also been to the tenth floor that can only be enjoyed by VIP members? Would you not Are you going to clean the house?”

Hearing Sun Youcai’s ridicule, everyone couldn’t help laughing.

Everyone has the same opinion as Sun Youcai. The bronze box of Classic Mansion can be ordered by ordinary people through gritted teeth, but the brilliant club is only for members.

If you want to become a member, you have very high requirements. If your qualifications, abilities, and financial resources are not up to standard, you will have no chance to get in and spend money.