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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 691 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 691 Start

Just when Warnia, Zhovia and Tianqi were sighing about Wu Qi’s affairs, Charlie’s old father-in-law Jacob wore a suit and happily came out from home and took a taxi to Classic Mansion.

Because he was going to have a little wine in the evening, Jacob left the BMW car at home and gave the car key to Charlie so that Charlie could drive to Classic Mansion to pick him up.

Jacob has no other hobbies during the recent period. He just likes to study antiques, cultural relics and calligraphy and painting, so he joined the Calligraphy and Painting Association.

This dinner is also to be able to get a seat as a standing director of the association.

In order to show his respect for the leaders of the association, he deliberately took the 20,000 that Charlie transferred to him, and set a bronze box in Classic Mansion.

Although this is the worst box in Classic Mansion, it is much stronger than most other restaurants.

When Jacob arrived at Classic Mansion, Orvel was on his way.

The waiter didn’t know Jacob, so he directly led Jacob to the bronze box he had reserved.

Seeing that the others hadn’t arrived yet, Jacob was not impatient, and simply sat in his seat and patiently waited for everyone to arrive.

A few minutes later, the door of the box was pushed open, and a middle-aged man of his age stepped in.

After seeing Jacob, the middle-aged man walked forward, smiled and said, “Brother Willson, you came really early, when did you arrive?”

Jacob hurriedly said: “Brother Xuwen, I have been here for a while. Today, the chairman and the executive directors are honored to participate in this dinner of my group. I am really honored and excited, so I rushed over in advance and awaited your ride. .”

The middle-aged man who came here was named Xuwen, a standing director of the Calligraphy and Painting Association.

He and Jacob had a pretty good relationship in peacetime. Both of them liked to throw up some antique calligraphy and painting, so they often found things together in the antique street, and they had a lot of friendship.

When he heard that Jacob wanted to compete for the position of executive director, he was the first to stand up and support Jacob.

Moreover, Jacob hosted a banquet for the leaders of the association today. The reason why they agreed to come over is largely because of Xuwen’s face.

Seeing that Jacob was so polite, Xuwen laughed and said, “Brother Willson, you have a heart!”

Jacob hurriedly made a please gesture and said, “Brother Xuwen, please sit down!”

Xuwen was not in a hurry to sit down. Seeing that the others hadn’t come, he reminded him in a low voice: “Brother Willson, you come to sit in this standing director’s seat. I naturally have no objection, but other people in the association, not necessarily have the same opinion as mine!”

When Jacob heard this, he was a little worried, and asked quickly, “Brother Xuwen, you can tell me the details.”

Xuwen sighed and said: “The position of executive director is often missed, and it is more authoritative when he speaks it out, so it has always been a fat man. Our executive director goes out to participate in an antique program. Give an appearance fee of tens of thousands, so many people are watching this position.”

Speaking of this, Xuwen said again: “Let’s take Sun Youcai as an example. During the recent period, I heard that he has been coping with the chairman and other executive directors, and he has given them gifts in private. According to the current situation, he will be your biggest competitor!”