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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 687 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 687 Start

Liu Guang heard Regnar say that he would kill Mr. Orvel first tonight, and his heart suddenly became excited!

He had long been expecting Mr. Orvel to die, but he did not expect to finally get his wish now!

Moreover, to kill Mr. Orvel, he will not only get revenge, but the Wu family will also take advantage of the trend to hold himself in the top position!

Wouldn’t he be able to become the next underground emperor of Aurous Hill?

Thinking of this, he trembled with excitement.

Roger asked on the side: “Dad, Mr. Orvel has many younger brothers in Aurous Hill. Is it so easy to kill him?”

Regnar said lightly: “You have to figure out one thing, to kill Mr. Orvel, you don’t have to kill all his little brothers first!”

“Dad, what do you mean?”

Regnar said coldly: “There are thousands of them, but he may not always be around him. We only need to know where he will be at a specific time, then find him there and kill him directly!”

Liu Guang hurriedly said, “I know! Mr. Orvel’s whereabouts are uncertain during the day, but he usually stays in Classic Mansion at night, because his Classic Mansion is very famous in Aurous Hill, and many of his friends will go there to dine at night.”

Regnar asked him: “How many security guards does Classic Mansion have?”

Liu Guang thought for a while and said, “For the security, there should be about ten, and the rest are waiters.”

Regnar snorted coldly: “Ten security guards are not enough. My bodyguards are all masters in the army. For them ten is nothing?”

After all, he looked at a burly middle-aged man headed by his five bodyguards and asked: “Jones Zizhou, you have been with me for the longest time, the strongest, and the most efficient in doing things. I will let you take other People, go to Classic Mansion to kill Mr. Orvel tonight, whoever blocks you, kill whoever you want, can you do it?”

Jones Zizhou immediately clasped his fists and said, “Mr. Wu, don’t worry, a dozen security guards are just ants in front of us. As for that Mr. Orvel, he will be kill like a dog!”

Regnar nodded in satisfaction, then looked at Liu Guang, and said: “Liu Guang, don’t you have a bloody vengeance with Orvel? I now give you a chance to take revenge. You will take my person to Classic Mansion tonight, Get rid of Orvel! Get rid of him, my Wu family will come out to protect you, and hold you in one hand as the new underground emperor of Aurous Hill!”

When Liu Guang heard this, there was a deep hatred in his eyes, and his heart was already boiling!

What is the purpose of making a dog for the Wu family and working hard?

Isn’t it just revenge and kill Orvel and Charlie?

Now, Regnar gave him a chance, a chance to become the underground emperor of Aurous Hill!

How can he refuse such a good thing? !

Moreover, he had long heard that the Wu family’s bodyguards were all retired soldiers from the army.

If there are five such people, it is more than enough to go to Classic Mansion to kill Orvel!

Once Mr. Orvel dies, his little brother will immediately be headless!

At this time, there was Wu family backing up for themselves.

It is easy to become the new underground emperor of Aurous Hill!

From now on, with the Wu family’s relationship, it is very likely that he will reach the pinnacle of his life!