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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 686 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 686 Start

Regnar was embarrassed to say that his son had his wrist broken, so he said, “He happened to have something wrong. I guess he won’t come here until a while. When he comes, I will bring him to visit you!”

Issac nodded and said: “Otherwise, I will arrange for someone to take you back to the room to rest. When Roger comes back in the evening, we will have dinner together, and it will be my host who will pick you up.”

Regnar was overjoyed, and said, “Then we will be there Mr. Issac.”

He felt that he and Issac were just nodding acquaintances and knew each other before, but now that Issac accepts his gift after visiting, the relationship is a step closer.

And this is what Regnar desires most.

As the Eastcliff Wade family’s spokesperson in Aurous Hill, Issac is a stepping stone. As long as he can maintain a good relationship with him, he will definitely be able to take this opportunity in the future to embrace the true towering tree of Wade family.

Moreover, Regnar also has his own careful thinking.

He felt that if the Wu family couldn’t find someone who could treat Wu Qi, they could ask the Wade family to take action after they hugged Wade Family’s thigh.

With the strength of the Wade Family, with a single order, countless capable people and strangers will be behind them.

And Issac didn’t think much about it, after all, it was the first family in the south of the Yangtze River.

So, after he and Regnar exchanged greetings for a while, they were taken to the presidential suite to rest first.

After Regnar took a few bodyguards into the luxurious presidential suite, he called Roger and asked him to come and have a round with him.

At this time, Roger had finished plastering in the hospital. After receiving a call from Regnar, he took Liu Guang to Shangri-La.

Sitting in the car, Roger’s expression was still very gloomy, his face full of depression.

Seeing this, Liu Guang quickly said: “Mr. Wu, the doctor has ordered that you have just put on a plaster. Don’t get angry, otherwise it will affect the healing of your bones and cause sequelae.”

Roger said angrily: “I will definitely not let go of that d*mn Charlie, I will chop off both his hands!”

Liu Guang was overjoyed. Roger was beaten and severed. He was the most excited one, because in this way, the Wu family would definitely not let Charlie go. The enmity engraved on his son’s forehead would be avenged!

However, he said with great concern: “Mr. Wu, you must take care of your health. It is never too late to take revenge.”

Roger sneered and said fiercely: “Wait and see, that Charlie will not be long.”

Coming to Shangri-La, Roger took Liu Guang straight to the presidential suite where Regnar stayed.

After knocking on the door, the bodyguard opened the door from the inside.

Roger walked into the huge living room and said to Regnar sitting on the sofa, “Dad, I’m back.”

Regnar gave a hum, and asked with concern: “How is your hand? What did the doctor say?”

Roger said with a dark face, “It’s broken, the doctor put a plaster on it, I’m afraid it will take a few months to recuperate to get better.”

Regnar nodded, and said, “You need to pay more attention recently, and don’t leave any sequelae.”

Roger blurted out: “Dad, it doesn’t matter how my hand is, you can tell us how we are going to deal with Charlie?!”

Regnar sneered and said, “If you want to kill Charlie, kill Mr. Orvel first tonight!”