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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 683 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 683 Start

Regnar and Roger and his son left the Song’s villa with incomparable resentment.

Roger clutched his severed hand and said with tears: “Dad! I said a long time ago not to beg the rag named Wade, you must not listen! Now my hands is broken, and you are still caught by him. Humiliated in public, we lost face!”

Regnar said with a black face: “Since the Wade is looking for death, don’t blame me for being impolite! Don’t worry, Dad will avenge you!”

Roger blurted out: “Then we will kill Charlie tonight!”

“No!” Regnar said coldly: “Or according to the original plan, kill Mr. Orvel first! Pull out the firepower of Mr. Orvel, whether it is killing Charlie or the Song family, it will be easy!”

Roger hurriedly asked, “Dad, what are your specific plans?”

Regnar said: “Heal your hands first, and we will discuss the rest in the long run!”

The two discussing, have already walked out of the Song family compound.

Liu Guang, who had been driven out before and had been waiting here, hurriedly covered his red and swollen face and greeted them quickly.

“Mr. Wu, Mr….” Liu Guang ran to the front, just about to ask them what happened to Charlie’s waste? Did they avenge him?

However, he suddenly saw Roger’s face pale, his left hand grasped the shrugged right wrist, and he snorted in his heart, and couldn’t help feeling that something was wrong.

So Liu Guang hurriedly asked: “Mr. Wu, what’s wrong with your hand?”

Roger snorted in pain, and cursed: “It’s all Charlie Rubbish, he dare to abandon my hand in public. I must have him dead without a place to be buried!”

Originally, after Roger discovered that Charlie was the man Warnia liked, he wanted to use this birthday banquet to trample Charlie on his feet, so that Warnia could recognize reality, then change his mind and choose to be with him.

Unexpectedly, instead of stepping on Charlie’s feet, he, together with his father, was fiercely teased by Charlie!

Just now, he and his father took turns to apologize to Charlie. This is simply the second shame after Wu’s step-brother Wu Qi became a feces-swallowing beast!

And this [email protected], not only makes himself face lost in full view! He also broke his wrist!

After today, the entire Aurous Hill will remember that his grandfather of the first family in the south of the Yangtze River was slapped in public by the nameless pawn, Charlie, and became the laughing stock of everyone!

Liu Guang was shocked when he heard Roger’s words!

He didn’t expect that Charlie’s Rubbish would even dare to beat Mr. Wu!

So, he couldn’t help but provoke Roger and said, “Mr. Wu, Charlie dares to treat you like this, you must not let him go!”

Regnar said coldly: “Don’t worry, this Charlie won’t live long!”

With that, Regnar tell Liu Guang: “Liu Guang, you are a local and you are familiar with the local area. I will give you a task.”

Liu Guang hurriedly said, “Mr. Wu, please give your orders!”

Regnar said: “You first take the young master to the best orthopedic hospital and heal the young master’s hand. You must not make any mistakes!”

Liu Guang suddenly realized that Roger’s hand was interrupted by Charlie, and said quickly, “Mr. Orvel, don’t worry! I will take the young master to the best orthopedic hospital!”