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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 681 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 681 Start

Regnar was stunned as he watched Charlie swallow the rejuvenating pill, and suddenly became angry!

Only then did he realize that Charlie was playing with him from beginning to end!

He didn’t mean to sell the Rejuvenation Pill to him, he just wanted to make father and son embarrassed in public!

And he actually naively thought that the one billion quotation had already touched him, and he only had to apologize to him, and he would agree to sell the rejuvenating pill to himself!

When he thought that he was being played so much by him, and that his son’s hand had been abolished by him, Regnar was so angry that he almost went away!

He instantly stood up from the ground and shouted: “Charlie, If I not kill you, I will not be a man!”

Having said that, he immediately took out his cell phone and called his bodyguard.

His bodyguards are all masters, and they are all gods of war who have retreated from the army!

These people usually seem to be no different from ordinary people, but any one of them is a top killer!

It can be said that they are all top killers who have crawled out of the dead!

But Charlie looked calm at this moment, unmoved at all.

After a rejuvenation pill was in his stomach, he felt a heat wave rolling in his body. He had already taken five or six pills. Although it did not play a young role, it could improve the physical fitness a lot. So at this time, he was full of energy. , But there is nowhere to go, if the Wu family’s bodyguard dared to pretend to be forced, he would just clean them up in one go!

However, he didn’t expect that Old Master Song gave a cold snort and suddenly stood up and shouted angrily: “Regnar! Although your Wu family is big, my Song family is not muddled. I want to see if your Wu family has it. What a mighty prestige, dare to hurt my Song family distinguished guests in my house!”

Having said that, Mr. Song shouted: “Come here, surround the hall for me! Who dares to move Mr. Wade with a finger today and beat him to death!”

Regnar observed at Mr. Song, gritted his teeth and said angrily: “Uncle Song, he used us father and son as monkeys and abolished one of my son’s hands. You still want to protect him?! Could it be that you, the Song family is openly against my Wu family?!”

Elder Song said coldly: “Mr. Wade is Song’s benefactor and recreated Song’s life. If you have to fight against Mr. Wade, you are against my Song family!”

“Good! Good! Good!”

Regnar gritted his teeth and said: “Your Song family is amazing! Don’t put my Wu family in your eyes! Do you think this is in your territory, you can ride on my family’s head and sh!t?!”

Mr. Song arrogantly said: “Song is magnanimous and can’t do things like riding on someone else’s head and sh!t, but if someone wants to target Song’s benefactor on Song’s site, I’m sorry! Don’t care about him. Who is it, Song is never used to his problems!”

Mr. Song yelled, shocking everyone present!

In his lifetime, the Old Master himself has experienced countless waves and sands, he has seen all battles, and he has developed a kind of majesty without anger and prestige. In addition, he has just eaten rejuvenating pills and is full of breath. The anger is really shocking!

Regnar was also a little distressed!

He came to Aurous Hill with only a few bodyguards with him.

Even though these bodyguards are masters, facing so many people in the Song family, there is definitely no chance of winning.

After all, this is the base camp of the Song family. There are dozens of bodyguards in front of the Song family. Who knows how many people are still hiding in the secret?

If you really want to fight, Regnar will definitely not please!

A few top bodyguards may be able to fight in and out, but he and his son are not as effective as they are, and they may be injured or even left by the Song family here.

Although the Wu family is powerful, they are all located in Suzhou, and now the distant water cannot save the nearby fire!

Thinking of this, Regnar could only decide to avoid his edge for the time being!

So, he sneered and said: “Uncle Song meant to tear his face with our Wu family? Ok! In this case, I will represent the Wu family and break with the Song family. From now on, the Song and Wu families are incompatible!”