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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 677 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 677 Start

Roger saw his father firmly believe that Charlie must still have a rejuvenation pill, so he looked at him and blurted out and asked, “Dad, are you really going to find him and beg for a rejuvenation pill?”

“Yes.” Regnar nodded, and said: “You will come with me later, I will apologize to him for you, you kneel down and beg for forgiveness, and then I will tell him about it.”

Roger’s expression was a little depressed: “Dad, you mean I kneel down to admit his mistake, and then you sing red face in the middle?”

Regnar glanced at Roger sideways, and asked, “Do you have an opinion?”

Roger was startled by the look in his father’s eyes, and hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No…I have no opinion!”

Regnar nodded in satisfaction and said: “I said, a man must be able to bend and stretch. If you kneel is useless, I will kneel as well. As long as I can get a rejuvenation pill, I can call him father. In this world Is there anything more important than life?”

“Okay…” Roger knew that his father had been completely hooked by the Rejuvenation Pill, and it was useless to say anything at this time.

When the father and son were walking back, Charlie sent everyone around him away.

The banquet was about to begin, but he looked around, only to find that the table he was sitting on was two places empty.

These two positions were prepared for Tianqi and his granddaughter Zhovia.

Charlie couldn’t help but wonder.

Based on his understanding of Tianqi, Tianqi had a strong sense of time and kept his promises. He should not be so late.

Thinking of this, Charlie took out his mobile phone and called Tianqi.

Soon, the call was connected.

However, it was Zhovia who answered the phone.

“…Mr. Wade…”

Zhovia’s voice was a bit nervous and aggrieved.

Charlie hurriedly asked: “Zhovia? Where’s your grandfather? Why didn’t you come to Mr. Song’s birthday party?”

Zhovia sounded with an angry voice: “Wade…Mr. Wade, my grandfather’s hospital was smashed! He is busy cleaning up, and may not be able to come to the birthday banquet because he is afraid that it will affect everyone’s mood. I didn’t tell you and Mr. Song…”

Charlie wondered, Tianqi was famous, why would anyone not open eyes and smash his shop?

So he hurriedly asked: “Who did it?”

Zhovia said: “They were the two fathers and sons of the Wu family in Suzhou. They wanted my grandpa to go to Suzhou to treat Wu Qi in their home. My grandfather felt that Wu Qi’s actions were too despicable, so he didn’t agree to see him. So they smashed the medical hall!”

Charlie looked cold!

It turned out to be the Wu family father and son? !

A bit of anger flashed in his heart, and then quickly asked: “You and Mr. Shi are not injured, are you?”

Zhovia hurriedly said: “No, I was not in the store at the time. When I came back, the store had been smashed, and the Wu family had already left, but Grandpa was fine, it was just the store they smashed. “

Charlie heard that the two of them were not injured, so he relaxed, and said with a cold face, “Zhovia, tell Tianqi, I will deal with this matter.”

With that, Charlie hung up the phone, a cold wave appeared on his face.

Sure enough, the Wu family man and his son were arrogant, and they didn’t know how to constrain when they came to Aurous Hill.