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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 676 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 676 Start

Roger immediately said excitedly: “Dad, I listen to you!”

Regnar nodded in satisfaction and said, “Come, come in and ask Charlie for medicine with me!”

“Ask for medicine?” Roger asked hurriedly, “How can I ask for it?”

“Kneel!” Regnar said indifferently, “The whole Song family knelt down, and we have to kneel too!”

“Kneel? Kneel to Charlie?!” Roger immediately jumped up and said excitedly: “Let me kneel to him?! Dad, you might as well kill me!”

Regnar frowned and observed at him: “What I just said, you should bullsh*t again now?”

Roger said with a sad face, “Dad, this is kneeling! When did I kneel down to anyone other than you and grandpa! Didn’t you keep saying that men have gold under their knees?”

Regnar sneered: “When Han Xin was humiliated by his hips, if he was the same as you thought, then he wouldn’t be able to be named God of War by future generations!”

After that, Regnar asked in turn: “What about kneeling if a big man can bend and stretch? Kneel first and then kill him, he is a true hero!”

When Roger heard this, he nodded, and said angrily: “Okay, I will listen to my dad…”

Regnar patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Being able to bend is already a huge improvement!”

After all, he couldn’t hide his excitement and said: “Come, follow me in!”


In the banquet hall at this time, Charlie had helped Elder Song to get up.

As Father Song got up, the other Song family members also stood up.

Everyone’s birthday gifts were also offered, so Charlie returned to his seat and let Old Master Song continue the birthday banquet.

Back at the dinner table, a group of people gathered around, all around Charlie, talking all kinds of pleading words in excitement.

Everyone came rushing to rejuvenate.

Some people have even started to bid for 300 million, 400 million, and even 500 million all the way.

Charlie said calmly, “Everyone, I got the Rejuvenation Pill by accident, but it’s gone now.”

Someone recognized Charlie, knowing that he was Mr. Wade who led Hong Kong master to death at the metaphysical conference, so they shouted: “Mr. Wade, you are the supreme of Nanguang, this spring pill, surely Did he refined it himself? Please show mercy and refine a batch for us old men. We are willing to offer the highest price!”

Charlie thought to himself, if people knew that he could regenerate the spring pill, he would not be at peace in this life, so he said lightly: “Even if I am the Supreme Master of Nanguang, there are some things that I can’t do with my ability.”

As Charlie said, he couldn’t help showing a look of regret, saying: “According to my research, this rejuvenation pill is a prodcut from a genius doctor and warlock in ancient times, and it is a pill that was refined for emperors and generals. This pill is extremely refined. Difficult, many medicines have even disappeared, and even the refining method has been lost. It is impossible to re-refining, but rest assured, if I have the ability to copy the rejuvenating pills in the future, I will definitely share it with you by then! “

When everyone heard this, it was worth giving up, and at the same time they hope that Charlie can really copy the Rejuvenation Pill.

Hearing this, Roger, who had just entered the door, heard this, and Roger hurriedly said to Regnar: “Dad, Charlie has no rejuvenation pills!”

“Nothing?” Regnar smiled contemptuously and said confidently: “I don’t believe it!”