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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 675 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 675 Start

Regnar developed a strong jealousy towards Mr. Song.

If he knew this medicine was so magical, even if he grabbed it, he had to get it in his hands!

It’s a pity that he actually offended Charlie with eyeless eyes.

Before that, he wanted to kill Charlie so that his son could better pursue Warnia.

But after that, he just wanted to ask for a rejuvenation pill from Charlie.

As for who the son will marry in the future, this question is no longer so important in the face of Rejuvinating Pill.

So, he took advantage of the gap between the Song family’s kneeling and rushed out of the Song family villa, preparing to bring back the resentful Roger.

Roger said angrily, “Dad, what are you asking me to do? Go and apologize to that waste?”

“Yes!” Regnar said sharply, “Apologize first. If apology doesn’t work, then kneel down and apologize! If kneeling down and apologize doesn’t work, just kowtow and apologize. In short, you must let him forgive!”

“Why?!” Roger suddenly exploded!

“Let me kowtow to him and apologize? Then you might as well kill me! Don’t you see that Warnia likes him? If I knelt down and apologize to him again, then I will have no chance to pursue Warnia!”

Regnar said coldly: “Now, what matters is not whether you can marry Warnia, but whether I can get Charlie’s Rejuvenation Pill!”

Roger blurted out: “Dad, you are still young, what do you want that stuff for?”

“Young?” Regnar laughed at himself and blurted out: “In any case, you must first get a rejuvenation pill from Charlie. Now, nothing is more important than this!”

Roger’s eyes were about to split: “Dad! Have you forgotten our plan?! Kill Mr. Orvel today, and Charlie tomorrow! Are you just for a rejuvenating pill and you are not caring about anything?”

Regnar glared at him and said coldly: “Why don’t you know anything about strategy? If Charlie is a mountain in front of us, then we must blow him up and flatten him, but now we find it in this mountain. After the treasure, can you still blast him to pieces and flatten him?!”

Roger asked subconsciously: “Dad, what do you mean…”

Regnar’s expression flashed a bit sullenly, and he said coldly: “First hollow out the treasures in the mountain, and then blow the mountain to pieces, this is the choice that a wise man will make!”

Hearing this, Roger smiled and blurted out, “Dad, what do you mean, get the Rejuvenation Pill first, and then kill Charlie?!”

“Yes!” Regnar said coldly: “Didn’t Charlie just say that? This Rejuvenation Pill was obtained by chance. Since he is willing to give Old Song one, it proves that he definitely has a surplus! Otherwise! If it is, whoever it is, it is impossible to give the only rejuvenation pill to outsiders!”

Speaking of this, Regnar snorted and said resolutely: “I guess Charlie has at least a few rejuvenation pills on him. If you can get it, you can protect my Wu family for a hundred years!”

Roger hurriedly asked: “Then after getting the Rejuvenation Pill, do you still have to get rid of Mr. Orvel and Charlie according to the original plan?”

“Of course!” Regnar said with a gloomy expression: “Not only them, I will get rid of all the people who stand by Charlie in Aurous Hill! Even Old Song even this nasty Old Master! d*mn, no wonder This old thing doesn’t even give me the face. It turns out that he discovered that Charlie has such a great value!”

Roger asked tentatively: “Dad, do you want to do something with the Song family?”

Regnar nodded and looked around to make sure that there was no one. Then he said seriously: “First find a way to get the Rejuvenation Pill, and then kill Mr. Orvel and Charlie. Then, I will give the Song family a way to survive. Let them marry Warnia to you obediently. If they still don’t know how to praise you, then they can’t blame me for being rude!”

After that, Regnar said again: “However, before this, you must listen to my instructions, and you must not be arrogant anymore!”