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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 674 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 674 Start

She looked at Charlie very gratefully, and the emotion in her heart for him was sublimated again!

She even felt that Charlie’s kindness to her was enough to pay it back with her life!

When Honor heard this, his heart was very angry.

He blames!

He blamed Charlie for being nosy!

Blame him for renewing his life for Mr. Song!

Even blamed him for giving credit to Warnia!

However, he didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of resentment in his heart, and could only be murderous in his heart.

At this time, Mr. Song nodded his head and said piously: “Old Song will remember Mr. Wade’s instructions!”

After that, he leaned down again, kowtowed and thanked!

Father Song knelt down twice, and Charlie had a chance to stop him, but Charlie did not do so.

The reason for this is simple, because Charlie felt that he should kneel!

He gave him such a good fortune, so that his lifespan has increased sharply for more than ten years. This kind of good fortune is so great that he will kneel and knock himself twice, even if he will knock himself twice every day for the rest of his life!

Ordinary people believe in gods and pray three times and nine worships in front of the gods every day. Can the gods give him ten years of life?


Gods can’t, but he can!

Therefore, it is entirely natural to receive two kowtows from his Old Master Song!

Seeing this, the children of the Song family all came forward one after another, first of all, Tianming Song, the eldest son of Mr. Song, and his third and fourth brothers.

The three brothers came to the front and immediately knelt behind Mr. Song.

Tianming Song held up his arched hands and said loudly, “Thank you Mr. Wade for giving my father such an opportunity. Tianming Song, the son of Song patriarch, thanks you Mr. Wade!”

After finishing speaking, one head knocked on the ground, and he couldn’t afford it for a long time!

His third and fourth brothers also learned the same way, and they all thanked as well!

Honor and Warnia also walked to the front and knelt behind them.

Honor was extremely resentful, but he still shouted with a pious face: “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for giving me such an opportunity. Song Honor, thanks you Mr. Wade!”

Warnia glanced at Charlie deeply, her eyes were quite complicated, with gratitude, admiration, and awe.

Immediately, she knelt on the ground and said in a very beautiful voice: “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for giving me such an opportunity. Warnia, the granddaughter of Song parents and granddaughter, thanks you Mr. Wade!”

The remaining little grandchildren and little granddaughters followed suit and knelt down and thanked him one by one.

Today, it’s Mr. Song’s 80th birthday!

Originally, he should be sitting in the main seat, accepting the worship and blessings of his descendants.

And now, all the descendants of Song, from the 80-year-old man himself to the seven or eight-year-old grandsons, all kneeling down, facing the indifferent Charlie, extremely greatful, kowtowing thier bodies and heads!

This scene stunned everyone on the scene!

This, but the first family of Aurous Hill!

Now, everyone in this whole family kneels and kowtows to Charlie!

However, no one at the scene felt that it was a shame for the whole family to bow down together.

On the contrary, they are very envious in their hearts! Even so jealous!


Why did this great opportunity not fall on them? !