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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 671 Free Novel

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Grandpa Song himself couldn’t wait for this rejuvenation pill, and when he held it in his hand, he wanted to take it down immediately.

After all, he had seen Tianqi after taking the medicine, and knew that this rejuvenation pill had a superb effect, so he did feel relieved when he held it in his hand, for fear of unexpected changes.

Only if you eat it, you can really feel safe!

Now that Charlie has also said it, Old Son Song naturally agreed in a hurry and said gratefully: “Mr. Wade, then I will take it now!”

After finishing speaking, the Old Master Song carefully took the Rejuvenation Pill in his hand, put it in his mouth with excitement, and swallowed it into his abdomen!

As soon as it entered the entrance, Mr. Song felt that the pill had turned into a stream of heat into his limbs and veins, and his whole body was warm, as if he had returned to his teenage years, and every cell was full of vitality.

Like Tianqi, every part of his body was nourished by medicine, and his whole body was glowing with the long-lost youth.

He was even surprised to find that the dark wounds and old problems he had left many years ago were gradually disappearing, and the wrinkles on his face had become lighter and tighter.

The scalp also feels itchy, and it seems that new hair is growing!

In the eyes of everyone, at this time Father Song had undergone an astonishing change!

Originally, Mr. Song’s rickety body became straight, and his white hair was gradually turning black. Although not all turned black, a considerable part of it turned black.

The age lines on the face have also faded to an extent visible to the naked eye, and the spirit are completely different from before!

If Mr. Song looked like an Old Master in his eighties and dying, he now looks like he is in his sixties at most!

Moreover, the spirit of the Old Master Song has also become very good all of a sudden, the look in his eyes is a bit of a middle-aged person!

Originally, these people who dismissed the Rejuvenation Pill were already stunned by the deterioration of Old Master Song at this moment!

No one has seen such a miraculous sight, even Warnia was completely shocked by this sight!

The former rickety Old Master has now become a gray-haired middle-aged and Old Master. This reminds Warnia to think of the Old Master who embraced her in his arms when her father died ten years ago and told her not to be afraid, that everything still has him.

At that time, grandfather was only in his sixties, and he looked exactly the same as he is now.

In other words, Grandpa’s life clock, because of this rejuvenation pill, has gone backwards!

His life span will be extended by more than ten years…

Does this mean that Grandpa can live to be a hundred years old in the future?

Warnia burst into tears of joy!

The other relatives of the Song family didn’t really care about her. Her father passed away. They were grieving on the surface, but they were celebrating in their hearts. There was one less person in the inheritance competition with them.

Therefore, her only relative in the world is Father Song!

Of course she hopes that Mr. Song can live a long life!

When Mr. Song was dying, he once told her that the biggest regret was that he didn’t see her married.

The Old Master said that Warnia had lost her parents since she was a child, and she was the most reassuring child and his favorite. Of course, it was also the child who was the most sincere and filial to him.

Therefore, he was particularly afraid that he would suddenly die, and Warnia did not marry and start a family.

In that case, she will become a lonely person.

Mr. Song hopes to watch her marry, and to marry a man who loves her, she loves, is reliable, stable, and is able to take care and protect her.

Only in that way can he die with confidence.

But now, Warnia knows that grandpa doesn’t have to worry about not seeing her getting married.

He has extended his life span for at least more than ten years. Not only can he see her getting married, he can even see that she has children, and he can enjoy the family happiness of four generations under one roof!

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but look at Charlie.