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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 67 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 67 Start

Liqing didn’t pay attention to Claire’s face, she pulled the man next to her proudly, and said, “I will introduce you to my husband Zheng Hao!”

Then, she praised: “He, he is the eldest master of the Zheng family in Aurous Hill, and he is also the heir of the Zheng family’s hundreds of millions of fortune!”

Claire nodded politely.

Charlie’s expression was a little gloomy.

I brought my wife to my wedding anniversary, who knew we’d meet such an annoying thing halfway through!

Liqing continued to say: “By the way, my husband is a platinum member here. He has a lot of authority. I guess Charlie has a regular box at most, right? Why don’t I ask him to help you upgrade directly to the luxurious box? How is it?”

Claire was about to decline, Charlie laughed, and said, “I booked a good position, so let’s forget about it.”

You know, the sky garden on the top floor will make up for a grand wedding. She is a platinum member. What’s so good about her?

What’s more, the entire Shangri-La Hotel is in his own home. If he took his wife to a luxury box with only platinum members, wouldn’t it be a surrender?

At this time, Liqing said with some dissatisfaction: “Claire, look at your married husband, you don’t know how to promote him, how do you usually discipline him?”

As she said, she took Zheng Hao’s arm, nestled her head on his shoulder, and said with a smile: “Charlie’s behavior is not suitable for such a noble occasion. I would like him to ask my husband for more advice in the future. Aristocratic etiquette, after all, my husband studied in England.”

Zheng Hao glanced at Charlie with disdain, and smiled: “My wife, don’t arrange this impossible task for me. Mr. Charlie is so maverick and you want to teach him aristocratic etiquette. I’m afraid it will be difficult. .”

Liqing nodded, sighed, and said to Claire: “If you want me to tell you, you should get divorced quickly, spending a lifetime with a poor man like Charlie you will feel wronged!”

Liqing just spoke without any cover, not caring about Claire’s feelings at all.

Claire couldn’t bear it, and immediately said coldly, “Liqing, what do you mean? My husband, it’s not your right to comment.”

Liqing covered her mouth and smiled, and said: “You didn’t look down on me when I was in college. How could you be considered a colonel’s flower if you had some bad money at the time? Now that you don’t marry well, you don’t want me to talk about it. ?”

Charlie was very unhappy when he heard this.

This Liqing, who was profane when she was in school, relied on having a decent face to hook up with a rich man, and now she is lucky to marry a rich family. Is she really a rich and young lady?

Besides, dare to laugh at his wife?

Really looking for death!

Thinking of this, a burst of anger surged in his heart.

So he took out his cell phone and sent a text message to Shangri-La boss Issac.

“Within three minutes, all the information of Liqing, the daughter-in-law of the Zheng family in Aurous Hill was sent!”

When Liqing saw Charlie looking down at the phone without saying a word, she laughed even more: “Look at your husband, I’m taunting you, he didn’t even dare to speak for you. hahaha!”

At this moment, Charlie suddenly received a text message from Issac: “Mr., the information about Liqing has been sent to you.”

Charlie looked at the content of the long text message, then looked at Liqing and her husband Zheng Hao, and asked with a smile, “I have some interesting information, do you want to listen to it?”

Liqing frowned and asked, “What information?”

Charlie said loudly: “Liqing, female, 26 years old, graduated from Aurous Hill University.”