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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 667 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 667 Start

In Roger’s view, there is a picture of Thompson Yin’s Moon Spring of his own here, and Charlie is a mere son-in-law. How can he be ‘compare with himself? !

Therefore, he felt that this time, he was bound to crush Charlie, and become the one that surprised all the guests the most, and also the one who most delighted Mr. Song.

After all, in Roger’s view, Charlie is just a live-in son-in-law and a wasteful rag. It is impossible for him to give any decent gifts.

Therefore, no matter what he sent, he couldn’t compare with the Moon Spring picture scroll he sent!

So he deliberately sneered and said: “Grandpa Song, I heard that Mr. Wade has been in the feng shui mystery fraud circle all the year round. He must have deceived a lot of good things for so long. He must give you a gift worth hundreds of millions. Even billions of treasures?”

After that, Roger sneered at Charlie again: “The gift I gave is worth only three to four billion. I believe Mr. Wade’s gift is definitely worth more than mine!”

When Mr. Song heard this, his brow furrowed and he became even more dissatisfied with Roger. His face became colder: “No matter what Mr. Wade gave to the Old Master, in the Old Master’s eyes, it is a priceless treasure!”

Roger was a little surprised at once.

Mr. Song, what fascinating soup was poured by Charlie?

At this moment, Charlie was named by him and stood up with a smile on his face.

Everyone was staring at him, wondering what gift he would give.

However, he saw that his hands were empty, and he didn’t look like he could hold a valuable gift.

Could it be that Charlie was going to play “Karate” for the Old Master Song? !

Even if he gives away a set of calligraphy and painting, the volume is absolutely impossible to put in the pocket!

But Charlie was empty-handed, which made most people think that he must have not prepared a gift.

Even if a gift is prepared, it is probably not worth any money, and it is definitely not as good as the picture scroll given by the young master of the Wu family.

Mr. Song himself had already raised his heart to his throat at this time.

His eyes kept looking at Charlie.

Seeing that Charlie was empty-handed, he was shaking with excitement!

What he was most afraid of was seeing Charlie holding a gift box, holding a scroll, or holding something else for himself.

Because he didn’t want anything except Rejuvenation Pill!

The Yuequan scroll is really good. As an antique calligraphy and painting, it really caters to one’s own preferences.

However, that is just a preference.

If a person is about to die, what’s the use of putting all his favorite things in front of him?

At that time, he was rather willing to use all these things for a few days of life.

Therefore, Mr. Song is looking forward to Charlie being able to give himself a rejuvenating pill. He has been looking forward to it for a long time! It can even be said to be his greatest expectation in life now.

At this moment, Charlie paced unhurriedly in front of Old Master Song.

Without waiting for him to speak, Roger sneered: “Oh, I said Brother Wade, you are too petty, aren’t you? Grandpa Song is celebrating his 80th birthday today. You came to the birthday banquet without giving anything and empty-handed?”

Charlie smiled slightly, and asked him, “Who told you that I won’t bring anything?”

“What about the gift you have? Take it out!”

Roger said contemptuously: “Could it be that he bought a small souvenir that came in his pocket? I don’t want to look at it. Which of these birthday gifts is not worth more than tens of millions?”