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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 665 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 665 Start

At the thought of killing Mr. Orvel tonight, Roger became excited!

Dad is right, Mr. Orvel is equivalent to Charlie’s firepower in Aurous Hill!

If you want to defeat Charlie smoothly, you must first remove his firepower point!

Moreover, just taking it off is not enough!

You have to turn this firepower point into your own firepower point!

In this way, this firepower point became the bridgehead for the Wu family to march into Aurous Hill in the future!

At that time, Charlie must pay the price of his life for the girl who insulted and made his own!

As for the Qin family and the White family, they have to pay the price for not kneeling and licking the Wu family!

At this time, Regnar looked at Roger and said lightly: “Calm down when things happen, and don’t be overly excited.”

Roger hurriedly put away the involuntary excitement on his face, and said, “Dad, I see!”

“Yeah.” Regnar nodded, no longer taking Charlie’s matter into his heart, but asked: “A birthday gift for Mr. Song, is it ready?”

Roger nodded and said: “It’s ready. I’ve inquired that Mr. Song likes Thompson Yin and Thompson Bohu’s calligraphy and painting the most. He collects a lot of them on weekdays, so I specially asked someone to get one from the collection at home overnight. Thompson Bohu’s Moon Spring picture scroll is used as a birthday gift. This painting is worth at least two to three billion. I believe he will like it!”

Regnar gave a hum, his eyes also showed satisfaction.

Even if it is placed in the Wu family, the Yuequan scroll is a treasure among the treasures. With this painting as a stepping stone, it will open the door of the Song family and let the Old Master Song pay more attention to the Wu family, and even make him agree to the marriage between the two families.

The birthday banquet has officially begun at this time.

Mr. Song stepped onto the small stage built up to thank all the guests present and thank everyone for coming to his eighty-year-old birthday banquet.

After the speech, the birthday banquet came to the stage where everyone took turns to congratulate and present birthday gifts.

Two bodyguards in black suits brought up an imperial armchair, and assisted Mr. Song to sit down on the armchair.

Honor’s father, third uncle, and fourth uncle got up first and lined up to the stage.

The three of them bowed their heads to the Old Master’s birthday, and then offered birthday gifts one by one.

Boyu received the gift next to him, and at the same time used the microphone to report the gift and value of the other party.

This is also the tacit understanding and habit that the upper-class family has already formed.

“The eldest son, Tianming Song, gave a tropical island to the Maldives worth 500 million!”

As soon as these words came out, they were amazed in average!

As soon as he came up, Mr. Song has a tropical island. It seemed that Tianming Song was really magnificent!

This Tianming Song is Honor’s father and Warnia’s uncle.

Tianming Song said to Mr. Song at this moment: “Dad, I heard that you have been caught in the cold a few days ago, and your son bought a tropical island specially. If it gets cold later, you will go there to spend the winter!”

Mr. Song nodded very satisfied: “Okay, okay, Tianming, That is so nice of you!”

“The third son, Song Tiansheng, gave a set of Classical Villa in Sanya, worth 200 million!”

A middle-aged man who was much younger than Tianming Song hurriedly said: “Dad, your son didn’t expect my eldest brother to give you an island so generously, this villa really pales in comparison!”

The Old Master Song smiled slightly: “It’s fine when you have your heart. Don’t worry too much.”

“The fourth son, Song Tianen, give a luxury yacht worth 150 million!”

Another middle-aged man hurriedly said: “Dad, this yacht and the Sanya villa were bought together by my third brother and I. If you go to Sanya in the future, you can make a yacht voyage to relax.”

After speaking, he hurriedly said complimentingly: “But we didn’t expect that my eldest brother can gift you an island, and then you can drive the yacht to the Maldives!”

Mr. Song smiled and nodded, and said, “Well, winter is coming. As a family, we can go to the islands of Maldives to spend the winter!”