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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 664 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 664 Start

At this time, he received a message from Warnia on WeChat: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry about what happened just now. If the Song family is there, the Wu family will not be too presumptuous.”

Charlie smiled slightly and replied: “Don’t mind, it’s just some clowns.”

At this time, Regnar and his son were sitting in the VIP seats on the other side.

Roger looked at Warnia, then at Charlie, and saw that both of them were playing with their mobile phones. One put it down, the other picked it up, the other put it down, and the other one picked it up again. They were talking on WeChat.

He was even more angry at this time. Although he added Warnia’s WeChat, this Warnia actually closed her circle of friends!

Even when they talk to her, she rarely responds.

But looking at the frequency of her chatting with Charlie now, it was really for fear of delaying a second, almost immediately picking it up for a second, and there was even a small woman’s smile on her face.

He is also a person who has made countless girls, and it is natural to see that Warnia is indeed in love with Charlie now.

Thinking of this, he felt annoyed.

The anger just now ignited again.

So he whispered to Regnar beside him: “Dad, I must let this Charlie die! he must die tonight!”

Regnar looked at his hatred and shook his head and said, “Do you know the only thing you dissatisfied with?”

Roger shook his head slightly, expressing puzzlement.

Regnar looked at him, sighed and said: “The only thing you are dissatisfied with is that you act too hastily and can’t distinguish the priorities.”

After that, Regnar said to Roger: “Charlie is just an ordinary person with a little strength but no background. We can kill him at any time, not in a hurry. There is no need to just talk to Song because of him. Home is noisy, now the most important thing is to let you win Warnia!”

Roger is still a little unwilling, but can only give it up: “I know, then wait two days, I will let someone kill Charlie!”

Regnar said lightly: “Don’t worry, although Charlie has no background, he has a lot of fans in Aurous Hill, not only the Qin family, the White family, and Mr. Orvel, but even the Song family supports him. This is for us. It’s trouble.”

Roger hurriedly asked: “What should I do?”

Regnar said: “If you want to kill, you must first plan the overall situation!”

With that said, Regnar explained: “Don’t think Mr. Orvel is just a [email protected] in the underground world, but he has many younger brothers. Once this kind of person erupts, he will gather thousands of younger brothers every minute. This is our biggest Hidden danger, if we kill Charlie, he in turn will fight us hard, we may not be able to escape Aurous Hill alive.”

“Mr. Orvel?” Roger frowned and blurted out: “Well, let’s kill Mr. Orvel first!”

Regnar nodded and said, “That’s what I think. I’ll catch Mr. Orvel by surprise. When he is taken lightly, I will kill him directly, and then help Liu Guang to take over and let Liu Guang succeed him and become Aurous Hill’s underground King!”

After all, Regnar’s expression flashed with sinister expression, and he said coldly, “By that time, we are equivalent to having a strong foundation of force in Aurous Hill! If you want to kill Charlie, or even even the Qin family and the White family. It’s easy to kill everything you don’t know how to promote at once!”

Roger was trembling with excitement, and blurted out: “Dad, when will Mr. Orvel be killed? I think this old dog is not pleasing to my eyes!”

Regnar said indifferently: “Don’t worry, I will make people ready, and I will send Mr. Orvel to the west tonight!”