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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 663 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 663 Start

Everyone moved to the banquet hall, and the birthday banquet was about to begin.

Song Old Master exchanged a few words with Charlie, and then took the lead.

Sitting next to him were his eldest son, third son, and fourth son.

Among the second-generation heirs of the Song family, Honor’s father is the eldest son, Warnia’s father is the second son, but Warnia’s father died young, so only Warnia remains in this line.

As for the families of the third and fourth sons, because they are relatively young, their eldest children are in their teens and the youngest are only six or seven years old. They are all still in school, so there is no competitiveness in the next generation of heirs.

The rest of the guests also sat down one by one on the other tables.

Charlie naturally sat at a table with the Qin Family, White Family, Mr. Orvel and others.

The Wu family sat with another group of local families, and the Zhao family and Kevin family, who had kneeled and licked them before, surrounded them directly, constantly flattering them.

The entire table of delicacies, as well as old wines, is already on the table.

Charlie also sat down on the VIP table, Warnia could not sit with him, but the beautiful eyes were always on him, never shifting even for half a minute.

Sitting on Charlie’s right hand was Aoxue, and sitting on his left hand was Solmon White.

As soon as Solmon White sat down, he whispered to Charlie, “Mr. Wade, Tomson’s first-class villa has almost been renovated. When do you plan to move in?”

Charlie said, “I will move in after the decoration is completed.”

He has already discussed with Claire and want to live in the villa as soon as the decoration is complete. Not only will the environment be much better, but more importantly, he can be isolated from his mother-in-law Elaine from the floor and avoid her interruption as much as possible.

Upon hearing this, Solmon White hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, do you want me to buy some furniture and appliances in advance? Then you and Madam Wade can move in with your bags.”

Charlie thought for a while. Although Claire is not too extravagant and wasteful, she still has a high pursuit of life style and style. In addition to the decoration of a house, the most important thing is the purchase and placement of furniture. If he let Solmon White do the work, it would be easier, but Claire might not like it.

Therefore, it would be better for Claire to choose this kind of thing according to her own preferences.

So he said to Solmon White: “You don’t bother to worry about furniture and home appliances. Then I will take my family to pick one. After all, everyone has different preferences.”

Solmon White hurriedly said: “I also thought about it this way, so I didn’t take the liberty of buying home appliances and furniture. However, I prepared a 10 million shopping card for you in advance, which can be used freely in all furniture and home appliances stores in Aurous Hill.”

Charlie waved his hand and said with a smile: “That is so nice of you, but I won’t charge this money, it’s not appropriate.”

Charlie was not short of money. The 10 billion that the Wade family gave was barely spent, and then he blackmailed more than 10 billion from Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

Now more than 20 billion is lying in the bank card, he really doesn’t know how to spend it.

This is not counting the net profit that the Emgrand Group keeps pouring in.

If the net profit is counted, it will be a larger sum.

Seeing Charlie’s rejection of his kindness, Solmon White knew that Mr. Wade was definitely not short of the money, so he hurriedly said: “Then I will keep it for you first. If you need it, you can ask me at any time.”

Charlie nodded lightly.