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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 660 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 660 Start

Could it be…

Could it be…

Could it be the rejuvenating pill that Tianqi had taken? !

In the past few days, Grandpa Song has dreamed of getting a chance. In dreams, he hoped that Charlie could give him a rejuvenation pill, and let himself feel the charm of going back in time, so that he could live a little more years, and help Song family. Longer and farther.

However, he lived to such an old age, he knew a truth: chances are hard to find!

He dared not go to Charlie for medicine, for fear that Charlie would be disgusted, so he could only wait patiently.

Waiting for the moment when the opportunity comes.

He originally thought that this opportunity would have to wait until the day when his granddaughter Warnia and Charlie made substantial progress.

However, listening to Charlie’s words now, he felt that Charlie might really have prepared a rejuvenation pill for him as a birthday gift.

However, he was not sure, and he didn’t dare to ask questions directly, so he could only put this great expectation in his heart first, bowed his hand to Charlie and said, “The Old Master thanks Mr. Wade!”

Regnar frowned, and hurriedly asked Roger next to him in a low voice: “What’s the background of this kid?! Old Song actually respects him so much?!”

Roger gritted his posterior molars and blurted out: “Dad! This [email protected] is the guest that Warnia personally picked up just now! Moreover, I think Warnia is very attached to him!”

“Oh?” Regnar frowned and said, “So that person we are looking for is him?”

Roger nodded hurriedly and said bitterly, “This kid is very arrogant. He beat Liu Guang just now, and Warnia made people throw Liu Guang out again!”


Regnar said angrily: “We brought in Liu Guang, which is equivalent to letting us openly clarify that Liu Guang is Wu’s dog. This kid knows that it is our dog, so he dare to do it?!”

Roger said annoyedly: “Dad, this kid not only beat Liu Guang, but also called our Wu family rubbish, but also openly ridiculed brother’s affairs. I have the heart to kill him!”

When Regnar heard this, his heart was furious!

What he says now is also the second-generation heir of the Wu family, and will soon succeed the old father and become the head of the Wu family. However, in the small Aurous Hill, there are people who dare not give the Wu family face or even insult the Wu family. He could not accept it anyway!

So he immediately opened his mouth and said to Mr. Song: “Uncle Song, this person beat Liu Guang and insulted our Wu family. No matter how Liu Guang is the dog of our Wu family, the dignity of my Wu family cannot be trampled by anyone. For this matter, you must give me a reasonable explanation!”

When Mr. Song heard this, he already understood the ins and outs of the matter.

It must be Roger’s short-sightedness, which caused Liu Guang to run into Mr. Wade.

Otherwise, how could Mr. Wade be an acquaintance of someone like Liu Guang?

However, the current problem is also very difficult.

One side is Mr. Wade, and the other is Wu Family. Of course, Mr. Wade must do all they can to maintain, but the Wu Family is the first in Aurous Hill in strength, which really offends them and is very detrimental to the Song Family…

However, when he thought of Rejuvenation Pill, Mr. Song immediately put the question behind him!

He sank his face and said sharply to Regnar: “Mr. Regnar, Mr. Wade saved the life of the Old Master! In the old house, no one is allowed to insult Mr. Wade!”