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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 657 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 657 Start

When Roger heard Charlie insult the Wu family like this, he became furious.

So he immediately turned around and went downstairs, ready to meet Charlie for a while.

At this moment, Warnia looked at Liu Guang, who was blushing and swollen by Charlie, and called the home bodyguard.

As soon as the bodyguard arrived, she pointed at Liu Guang and ordered: “Throw this man out for me! Dare to come in again and break his legs!”

“Yes! Miss!”

When the bodyguards heard this, they rushed to the front and held Liu Guang directly to throw him out of the Song family.

However, at this moment, a cold voice suddenly rang.

“I see who dares to throw him out!”

With his hands on his back, Roger walked down the stairs step by step, with indifference and anger on his face.

Originally, he asked Liu Guang to come over to trouble Charlie and prevent Charlie from coming off stage, in order to slap Charlie severely and make him lose face in front of Warnia.

Unexpectedly, this Charlie dared to be so arrogant. He didn’t put the Wu family in his eyes at all. He slapped Liu Guang twice and slapped almost into a dead dog.

This is not the most important thing!

The most important thing is that this Charlie is so bold that he dared to call the Wu family rubbish!

It is simply untolerable, which is unbearable!

When the bodyguards saw Roger come down, they hesitated for a while. After all, he and his father also lived in the Song family for a few days, and the bodyguards had long known that they were the distinguished guests of the family.

Liu Guang suddenly showed excited eyes and blurted out: “Mr. Wu, you have to call the shots for me!”

Roger glanced at him annoyingly, cursing in his heart, useless dog stuff, no small things can’t be done, what use is it of you!

Warnia also frowned at this time and asked: “Roger, what do you mean? What does this matter have to do with you?”

Roger said indifferently: “It’s not interesting. Liu Guang is from our Wu family. He came with my dad and me. If you want to throw him out now, you just hit our Wu family in the face!”

Then he said to Charlie again: “And you, who gave you the courage to beat him, and dare to be disrespectful to my Wu family? Now you immediately kneel down and slap yourself, otherwise, don’t blame me.”

For him, although Liu Guang is just a dog, this dog can be beaten by himself, but he can’t be beaten by others!

Otherwise, where would he put Roger’s face? Where to put the face of Wu family?

Charlie looked at him and asked, “What? Is your Wu family very good?”

“Of course.” Roger sneered very arrogantly: “The Wu family is the largest family in the south of the Yangtze River, and also a leader in the whole country. You dare to say that Wu family is rubbish?!”

Charlie smiled contemptuously, and looked up and down Roger, not to mention, this guy is indeed similar to Wu Qi, and he is indeed the brother of a compatriot.

However, before Charlie spoke, Warnia hurriedly stepped forward and blurted out: “Roger, this is Liu Guang’s provocation first. Don’t embarrass Mr. Wade!”

“Mr. Wade?” Roger was annoyed when he heard Warnia come out to protect Charlie, and blurted out: “He is just a Rubbish, dare to call him a master?”

Warnia stepped forward and said solemnly: “Roger, please pay attention to your own words! Mr. Wade is an idol in my mind, and I can’t tolerate you shaming him!”

Roger didn’t expect that the goddess Warnia was actually Charlie’s stinky licking dog!

He couldn’t help crying in resentment in his heart: “How can this guy be compare to me? I am the man you should kneel and lick! You are really blind!”