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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 656 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 656 Start

Liu Guang sneered, and said arrogantly: “Of course, Mr. Orvel from the Wu family brought me in! Let me tell you, I am from the Wu family now. As far as I know, you don’t have the strength of anyone present. Can it be compared with the Wu family? Even if you all add up, it may not be comparable to the Wu family! Whoever dares to move me is tantamount to opposing the Wu family!”

After that, Liu Guang’s face was full of triumph.

He knew that as long as he showed the Wu family card, no one would dare to do anything to him.

As he proudly patrolled the surroundings, he suddenly felt a black shadow flashing past, and then he slapped his face heavily!

Only this one slapped him in the face.

He staggered almost to the end, and he stood still and found that Charlie was the one who hit him.

Charlie looked at him with a smile at this time, and said lightly: “If you don’t mention the Wu family, I won’t be too lazy to beat you. Since you did, then I will give the Wu family this face!”

“You f*cking dare to hit me? You’re looking for death!”

Liu Guang didn’t expect that he would get a slap in the face when he reported the name of the Wu family. Although the f*ck was his own face, in fact, it was the Wu family’s face!

This Charlie has nothing more than the ability to fool people, but don’t forget, he offended, none but the Wu family, the first family in the south of the Yangtze River!

Charlie smiled slightly, raised his hand and slapped him again, and said with a smile: “You think you are the dog of the Wu family, so I dare not beat you? Tell you, I beat the dog of the Wu family! If you are not convinced , Go back and tell your master, let him come to me!”

In fact, Charlie had already understood very much in his heart.

Mr. Orvel and the others have called him before, and the Wu family is now looking for him everywhere.

He is not only the person who turned Wu Qi into a feces-swallowing beast, but also the person Warnia loves.

So, give the Wu family some time, and they will definitely find it.

Perhaps, the Wu family has already seen that Warnia like him.

Even the reason why Liu Guang dared to jump out now is probably because the Wu family is behind him.

In this case, he simply forced the Wu family out, and what’s wrong with a dog like Liu Guang?

Liu Guang is really going crazy.

He clearly mentioned the name of Wu family didn’t work well, and Charlie was afraid that he would die?

It is good! Since he want to die, then he will fulfill his wish!

As soon as Liu Guang thought of Roger, the second young master of the Wu family, he was watching from the terrace on the second floor, and he deliberately shouted, “Charlie, I have already told you clearly that I am from the Wu family, so you still dare to fight Me, do you still have Wu family in your eyes?!”

Charlie saw that he had been observing from the second-floor terrace of the villa with his peripheral light, and guessed that his master should be there.

So he sneered and said loudly, “What is the Wu family? A family that can raise Rubbish like you must be very Rubbish itself! It’s just a bunch of Rubbish, and it deserves to appear in my eyes?”