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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 653 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 653 Start

Some guests coming and going on the second floor suddenly cast doubtful glances, wondering why Roger and Regnar suddenly became angry.

Roger glanced at them coldly and said, “What are you looking at? Get out!”

Seeing that these guests all turned their heads and dared not look at this place anymore, Roger had a somber face and beckoned to Liu Guang not far away.

Liu Guang ran over and asked diligently: “Mr. Wu, what do you want?”

Roger pointed to Charlie, who was standing with Warnia in the yard, gritted his teeth and said: “You can check the identity of this kid for me. I want to see how sacred he is!”

Liu Guang glanced in the direction of Roger’s finger, and this glance made him immediately cracked!

Isn’t this Charlie? !

He knows this person when he turns into ashes!

The reason why his precious son Liu Ming was carved with a knife on his forehead by Orvel was because he offended Charlie!

Had it not been for Charlie, Mr. Orvel wouldn’t have hurt his son!

Therefore, Mr. Orvel is just the murderer, and Charlie is the culprit!

His son’s forehead was engraved with the words “poor hanging” and became Aurous Hill’s laughing stock. When he thought of this, he wanted to swallow Charlie alive!

However, because he couldn’t provoke Mr. Orvel, he could only swallow his anger and didn’t even dare to let go!

Thinking of this, he immediately gritted his teeth and said: “Mr. Wu, this person is called Charlie!”

Roger asked in a cold voice, “What’s the origin of this rag? he dare to move the woman I like, I think he is tired of life!”

Seeing that Roger was very upset with Charlie, Liu Guang suddenly became ecstatic! he immediately realized that his chance of revenge was here!

Therefore, Liu Guang immediately said to Roger: “Mr. Wu, this Charlie is the Rubbish son-in-law of the Willson family. As for the Willson family, it is just a garbage family on the verge of bankruptcy in Aurous Hill.”

Roger’s expression became more gloomy, frowning and asking: “Are you sure he is a son-in-law?”

Liu Guang said firmly, “Of course he is.”

After that, he further explained: “His wife is called Claire, she is very beautiful, and she is the object of a crush on many people in Aurous Hill, but in the end she married this rubbish. After this rubbish was transferred to the Willson family, he washed clothes every day, cooks and sweeps the floor, he is basically a housewife. It is said that the poor are dying, and they are very concerned about this matter. Everyone in Aurous Hill knows about this matter!”

A trace of coldness and anger flashed in Roger’s eyes.

Before, both he and his father suspected that Warnia’s ideal person was most likely the son of Eastcliff’s big family.

If that’s the case, he really doesn’t have much competitiveness.

But he never expected that all of Warnia’s people would turn out to be live-in son-in-laws who are stubborn here?

A son-in-law! This proves that Charlie is already married!

Furthermore, he is not just waste, a rag, and he is still a husband!

If Warnia likes the children of the Eastcliff family, it can barely make sense.

However, she actually fell in love with a married man, this is simply ruining the three views!

Moreover, he slapped himself in the face!

After all, how can he say that he is the progeny of the first family in the south of the Yangtze River. The young master of the Wu family, who has nearly 200 billion in assets, can’t even compare to a son-in-law in front of Warnia?