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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 652 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 652 Start

Charlie smiled and said, “This is the price of harm.”

“Yeah!” Warnia nodded heavily, and said: “These people are all to blame.”

While talking, Warnia had already drove the car into the Song family villa.

In the courtyard of the villa, Solmon White, Qin Gang, Orvel, Liang, and Doris had been waiting here long ago. As soon as Charlie got out of the car, they immediately surrounded them.

Warnia stopped the car and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, take your seat, and I will open the door for you.”

Charlie said hurriedly: “Don’t be so polite, I can just go down by myself.”

Warnia said hurriedly: “No, no! Mr. Wade, you are today’s distinguished guest. I must do all the courtesy you deserve, or grandpa will definitely scold me!”

With that, she hurriedly pushed the door of the car, walked around the passenger door, and opened the door.

Charlie smiled helplessly, and then got out of the car.

He felt that Warnia was making a fuss and being too serious, but Warnia felt that these etiquettes were all essential. Whaat made grandpa value Mr. Wade so much.

At the same time!

On the terrace on the second floor of the villa, Roger overlooked the courtyard, taking all the performance of Warnia and Charlie into his eyes.

Since Warnia drove out, he has been waiting here, hoping to wait for the distinguished guest whom Warnia talked.

He himself also hoped that the so-called distinguished guest that Warnia personally picked up would be an Old Master, preferably a female Old Master, so that the possibility of love rivals would be completely eliminated.

But unexpectedly, Warnia actually picked up a young man who was similar to her age!

Moreover, what surprised him even more was that Warnia would actually get off the car and open the door for the young man!

Roger couldn’t help wondering how much Warnia had to pay attention to each other to condescend to personally open the door to a young man of the same age?

Could this be the man Warnia liked?

This is the best grandson-in-law that Mr. Song misses?

It looks like it must be him!

Thinking of this, Roger’s face was extremely gloomy, and his heart was so angry!

He observed at Charlie closely, and looked up and down the strange man.

Although Charlie looked handsome, demeaned and chic, from the perspective of his clothes, he was an ordinary person who couldn’t be more ordinary.

Roger estimated that Charlie’s clothes and shoes totaled only a few thousand.

A few thousand is worth a pair of socks.

This kind of person looks like a stinky silk from a bad street. Why does Warnia take him so seriously? !

Moreover, seeing Warnia’s twitchy and shy gesture like a little woman, you don’t need to guess, she must be enamored with this rag!

Roger’s fists were clenched, and the force was too strong, making the entire knuckles a little white!

Immediately, he felt that he had nowhere to vent his stomach, so he slammed his fist on the railing and snarled, “d*mn! Where’s the smelly rag, you dare to steal a woman from me, are you really looking for death!”