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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 650 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 650 Start

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “You have worked so hard to pick me up.”

Warnia hurriedly said: “Yes, it is our Song family’s honor that you attend Grandpa’s birthday banquet.”

Having said that, Warnia hurriedly trot for two steps, took the initiative to open the door of the co-pilot, bowed slightly, made a gesture to Charlie, and blushed: “Mr. Wade, please get in the car.”

Charlie nodded, and got into the car directly without being polite to Warnia.

If someone sees that the famous daughter of the Song family Ms. Warnia in Aurous Hill, taking the initiative to open the door to a young man, their jaws will drop.

However, Charlie felt that, no matter from which aspect, he deserved Warnia to open the door for him.

In terms of identity, he is the son of the Wade family, much stronger than her or even the entire Song family;

In terms of strength, he is Mr. Wade, even Warnia’s grandfather must be respectful to him, so it is natural for Warnia to open a car door for himself.

Charlie didn’t know, this scene happened to be seen clearly by Claire.

Claire had met Warnia. When her studio opened, Warnia specially came to congratulate him.

When she saw Warnia last time, Claire felt like she was inferior to her in everything.

In terms of family background, appearance, temperament, ability, and financial resources, she can’t compare herself to her. It feels like she has met a stunning beauty who is stronger than her in every aspect. Claire feels a little embarrassed.

But she didn’t expect that Warnia, who is famous throughout Aurous Hill, would be so respectful to her husband?

Not only did she drive to the door of her house to pick him up, even opened the door for him? Why is she so polite to her husband?

Thinking of this, Claire suddenly felt a little sour, and she turned out to be jealous!

A thought came into her heart: This Warnia, does she like Charlie?

However, the next moment, she felt that her idea was too absurd.

Who is Warnia!

She is the daughter of the Song family! Family assets exceed 100 billion.

Where’s her husband? Just a vagrant.

Even if he had some mysterious skills in fortune-telling now, it was impossible to compare with the daughter of a big family, someone like Warnia.

However, since it is impossible for her to see her husband, why is she so polite to her husband?

Claire couldn’t figure out this question, and was inexplicably irritable.

At this time, Warnia had started Rolls Royce and left with Charlie.

Claire looked at the luxury cars that were gradually going away, even more uncomfortable in her heart.

Is there really something unspeakable about the two of them?

She subconsciously took out her mobile phone, trying to call Charlie, but as soon as she took out the mobile phone, she hesitated again.

After much deliberation, she decided that after Charlie came back, she would find another opportunity to ask him carefully.

As for now, let’s not be aggressive.

After all, it is a husband and wife, and she has to give him a minimum of trust and respect!