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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 648 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 648 Start

After finishing speaking, she said to Elaine again: “Mom, don’t embarrass Dad. He doesn’t spend much money. Now he wants to treat some guests, why do you have to confront him?”

Elaine said: “I still want to save some money for the family? Twenty thousand for a meal, is beyond our family means?”

After that, she glared at Jacob and said, “You have to give this money today, or you have to give it if even if you don’t!”

Claire didn’t know what Elaine thought.

So she opened her mouth and said: “Mom, don’t embarrass Dad. Isn’t it 10,000? I’ll give it to you.”

“Okay!” Elaine immediately said excitedly: “Then transfer it to me on WeChat!”

Claire nodded, took out her mobile phone, and transferred 10,000 to Elaine.

Elaine opened WeChat and clicked to receive the payment. After receiving the money, she grinned.

After that, she immediately said in a group of five: “Sisters, I’m going joning in the afternoon too!”

Someone in the group asked: “Hey, didn’t you say something in the morning?”

Elaine hurriedly replied: “I was going to go shopping, but my leg hurts a bit. If I don’t want to go, I should go to the beauty salon to do facials and relax!”

Claire sighed helplessly when seeing her mother’s eyes open. She didn’t know that her mother had already lost all the family’s savings.

At this moment, Charlie’s mobile phone on the desktop suddenly shook.

It was Warnia who called.

Charlie picked up the phone to answer and heard Warnia’s gentle and pleasant voice: “Mr. Wade, I will be at your house in ten minutes. When will it be convenient for you?”

Charlie said: “Wait for a while. When the family finishes breakfast, I will come down after finishing the dishes.”

“Well, then I am waiting for you at the gate of the community.”

Warnia couldn’t help feeling a little distressed when she heard Charlie’s answer.

Mr. Wade is such a perfect man, he still needs to clean up the dishes at home? This is simply an insult to him!

She couldn’t help thinking in her heart that if Mr. Wade was with her, she wouldn’t let him do any housework!

After all, a man should go abroad to fight the world and be served meticulously by his wife when he returns home. How can he do housework at home?

On the one hand, she felt strongly worthless for Charlie, and on the other hand, she was eager to be the woman who served Charlie at home.

Charlie hung up the phone, and Claire said, “Charlie, is your friend here to pick you up?”

“Right.” Charlie nodded, and said, “My friend’s granddaughter, just came over to pick me up.”

Claire hummed, without thinking about it, and said: “Then, you go and I will clean up the dishes and chopsticks. Don’t let them wait too long.”

Charlie hurriedly said: “It is okay wife, let her wait a while, I will leave after finishing packing.