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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 637 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 637 Start

With an order, a few bodyguards from a family background rushed up and grabbed the man with a punch and kick.

There was a Lady in her seventies next to the man. Seeing that they were beating her son, she cried and cried: “I beg you to stop beating him, can’t we leave?”

The head of the bodyguard scolded, “What the h*ll did you do? You don’t know how to praise!”

After finishing speaking, he kicked the middle-aged man aside, took out another thousand, threw it on the man’s face, and cursed: “Get out of here!”

The Lady cried and pulled her son up with great effort. The people around were very angry when they saw this scene. But seeing the other party in such a battle and driving so many luxury cars, they knew that the other party was not easy to provoke. Lord, so they can only swallow.

Several bodyguards walked over with money, and when they met, they gave one thousand, plus two words: “Get out!”

Some people took the money and ran away. Some people were a little bit stubborn and unwilling to ask for their money, but because they couldn’t provoke them, they had to swallow their anger and leave.

At this time, a fellow of the people in the Clinic heard the noise outside and stepped out. Upon seeing this scene, he immediately asked: “What are you doing? Why are you beating?”

“Hit someone?” The head of the bodyguard frowned, and said: “We belong to the Wu family of Suzhou, Hangzhou, and we should teach you something that is not long-sighted.”

After that, he looked around at the crowd again, and cursed: “Don’t you hurry up? Is it itchy? Here today, if you don’t treat other people, you’re welcome to take care of me!”

The guy asked indignantly: “You are too much, right? Do you know our Clinic rules? You have to queue for medical treatment!”

Roger said coldly: “The rules for administering geniuses are made for these poor people, but not for our Wu family. In Aurous Hill, what our Wu family says is the rules! Today these people must get out because they are not worthy to appear with the Wu family in the same place!”

“You…” The guy was furious and blurted out: “Why don’t you make sense at all? You are too domineering!”

Roger said coldly at this time: “Boy, dare to talk to the Wu family like this, you are you not afraid, or you are tired of living!”

The guy said neither humble nor overbearing: “the Clinic is a place where gods can heal people and save people. Everyone here must abide by the rules set by god doctors!”

“Tianqi?” Roger snorted, and said, “In front of the Wu family, the genius Shi must obey the rules of my Wu family. If you don’t believe it, let the genius Shi come out by himself!”

In fact, Roger deliberately wanted to be arrogant and domineering, and it was best to make Tianqi resist the Wu family. In this case, Tianqi might refuse to treat his younger brother, or deliberately hide.

In short, what he wanted to do was to prevent his brother from being cured as much as possible.

Regnar hadn’t spoken before, and when the bodyguard came out to drive people, he didn’t speak either, because he felt that this was the Wu family’s usual style of doing things.

When the Wu family goes out, they never allow ordinary people to be like them, let alone ordinary people with them.

Even if the Wu family goes out to visit a store, the bodyguard will definitely clear all the guests out of the store, allowing the Wu family to stroll around freely.

They have long been accustomed to enjoying this detached treatment, so even if they come to Tianqi to see a doctor, they don’t want to be with these ordinary people.

However, Roger’s attitude at this time, in Regnar’s view, was a bit too rash.

He felt that Roger could target these ordinary people, but he should not target Tianqi