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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 636 Free Novel

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In fact, Charlie knew very well in his heart that Warnia must have some good feelings about him.

It’s just that he didn’t know how to deal with this kind of affection, so he just pretended to be dumb and froze, and talked about the other things later.


The next day, Regnar got up early.

Because he was worried about looking for Tianqi to treat his second son Wu Qi, he didn’t sleep well all night.

Wu Qi’s current situation is relatively pessimistic, the problem of eating sh!t has not been alleviated, and his own emotions have gradually collapsed.

In other words, for such a long time, eating sh!t more than 20 times a day, he will collapse one day for sure.

What’s more, Wu Qi himself had grown up spoiled, and this kind of thing was even more terrifying to him than death.

Therefore, Regnar hopes that he can be cured as soon as possible, so that he can return to normal, and at the same time, to kill the person who harmed him, not only for revenge, but also for the permanent trouble solving!

Because of this belief, Regnar didn’t even care about having breakfast at the Song’s house, so he greeted his son Roger when he went to bed, took a few Wu’s bodyguards, and went directly to Clinic.

In the car, Regnar was full of excitement and expectation, but Roger felt a little bored.

He even hopes that his brother Wu Qi will always be like this and save himself a lot of trouble.

So he asked tentatively: “Dad, do you think that the doctor can really cure the younger brother?”

“I believe there is no problem.” Regnar said indifferently: “If High paraplegia can be cured. I believe this problem with your brother is not a problem.”

Roger nodded, feeling a little upset.

When the convoy arrived outside Clinic, the bodyguard opened the door for Regnar and his son.

As soon as Regnar got out of the car, he saw the entrance of the Clinic, a long line had already been queued.

He couldn’t help sighing: “It seems that this genius doctor is really well-deserved.”

An assistant came up and said respectfully: “Mr. Orvel, Tianqi only sees ten patients every day, and it is not in the order of the line, but according to the severity of the disease. It is said that some are ranked first. Tianqi feels that there is no problem. If you don’t need to do it yourself, you won’t be shown. Instead, it’s recommended to go to other hospitals.”

“Yeah.” Regnar glanced at the long line again. Seeing that there are three teachers and nine ranks, he waved his hand in disgust and said to the bodyguard: “Take some cash from the trunk and give these people in line one thousand each. Make them go away.”

The bodyguard nodded, immediately took some advanced from the trunk, came to the front of the team, and said loudly: “the Clinic is closed today. Those of you who are in line, one person comes to me to collect one thousand, and then you can leave. Come back another day!”

The crowd was suddenly dissatisfied, and someone shouted: “Why? Following the rules set by the genius, anyone has to queue for treatment!”

The leader of the bodyguard snorted coldly, and cursed: “I gave you thousands for nothing, are you still f*cking here?”

The man blurted out: “One thousand? My mother is seriously ill, and I took her all the way to ask the genius doctor for help. Do you count this thousand as a bullsh*t? How about I give you a thousand and you go away Is it OK?”

“Grass mud horse, don’t give me your face!” The head of the bodyguard glared at him, and snorted coldly to the men next to him: “Beat that b@stard for me!”