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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 635 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 635 Start

Charlie had just eaten dinner at this time and was in the kitchen packing the dishes. When Qin Gang called him, he pressed the answer and asked, “Ms. Qin?”

Qin Gang hurriedly replied: “Mr. Wade, there is something, I have discussed with President White and Mr. Orvel, and I think I want to report it to you.”

Charlie smiled indifferently, and said: “If you have anything, just say it directly, don’t be so polite with me.”

Qin Gang hurriedly said: “Okay, Mr. Wade, then I’ll just say it straight. Today, Regnar from the Wu family in Suzhou hosted a banquet for some local family leaders, including me, Solmon White, and Mr. Orvel. He ordered Some things about us, we feel that these things are a little bit wrong, so we decided to report to you.”

Hearing that it was a treat by the Wu family, Charlie asked, “Why did the Wu family look for you?”

Qin Gang explained: “Wu Qi of the Wu family had something wrong some time ago. The Wu family is looking for clues everywhere, trying to dig out the black hand behind the scenes. I called Aoxue just now, and she confessed to me. Now the Wu family is thinking to find you…”

Charlie smiled indifferently and said: “Wu Qi’s things are indeed what I did. The main reason is that I couldn’t tolerate that kid’s behavior. It’s okay to fall in love with girls, but it’s unforgivable to play with others deliberately and even hurt others. So I taught him a little lesson, at least so that he can no longer hurt others in the future.”

Qin Gang’s expression instantly shrank.

Not surprised at what Charlie did, but surprised at Charlie’s confession and directness.

It seems that in Charlie’s eyes, turning the second son of the Wu family into a feces swallowing beast is no different from pinching an ant, and there is no need to worry about the consequences.

He couldn’t help wondering, how confident is Mr. Wade? Even when facing the Wu family, he didn’t care at all? !

In Aurous Hill, anyone who mentions the Wu family must be a little bit in awe, but Mr. Wade doesn’t pay attention to the Wu family at all.

Qin Gang came back to his senses and quickly said, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, all of us will be tight-lipped for you. If the Wu family really finds out that it is you and the trouble to find you, we will not agree!”

Charlie smiled and said: “You don’t need to be so nervous. If they want to get revenge, just let them come. When will they be afraid of Charlie?”

Charlie said with a smile: “By the way, you can actually tell them directly that this is what I did. If he is unconvinced, let him come to me directly.”

Qin Gang quickly said: “Mr. Wade, I know you definitely don’t take Wu family in your eyes, but Wu family’s status and strength in Aurous Hill are still very powerful. If you really become enemies with them, it will be very troublesome in the future.”

After speaking, Qin Gang said again: “Mr. Wade, I still recommend you to keep a low profile in this matter. Don’t let the Wu family find out. Otherwise, you will inevitably have trouble in the future.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Ms. Qin, you are interesting, but you don’t need to care too much about this. When the time comes, soldiers will come to cover the water and earth, let it go.”

“Okay.” Qin Gang hurriedly said again: “By the way, Mr. Wade, the Wu family had a treat today, there is actually one more thing.”

Charlie asked, “What’s the matter?”

Qin Gang said: “The Wu family seems to want to marry Roger, the young son of Regnar, to Ms. Warnia, but according to Regnar, Miss Song has publicly stated to him that she already has someone she likes, so the Wu family still wants us to find that person too……”

With that, Qin Gang asked tentatively: “Mr. Wade, Miss Song likes that person, isn’t it you?”

Charlie paused slightly and said, “Don’t talk nonsense about this kind of thing. I’m a married man. If this kind of thing is talked about nonsense and spread out, it will have a great impact on the reputation of other girls.”

Qin Gang hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade forgive me, I will never say anything like this in the future!”

“Yeah.” Charlie said lightly: “Okay, you three don’t have to worry about me, do whatever you should do, don’t take it too seriously, it’s just a Wu family, but I can’t help it.”