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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 634 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 634 Start

“Hey!” Qin Gang sighed long, and said, “You have harmed Mr. Wade! Now the Wu family has found it! They are summoning all of Aurous Hill’s clever families, and are inquiring about Mr. Wade!”

“Huh?” Aoxue panicked and blurted out: “Dad, shouldn’t the Wu family be troubled with Mr. Wade?”

Qin Gang said, “The Wu family wants Mr. Wade’s life!”

Aoxue cried anxiously all of a sudden, and said hurriedly, “Dad, this incident was caused by me. Can you tell the Wu family and just say that Wu Qi is my victim? I don’t want to involve Mr. Wade because of me… ..”

“Are you stupid?” Qin Gang sighed, “Which is such a reasonable person in the Wu family? Since Wu Qi went crazy through the hands of Mr. Wade, then the Wu family would definitely not let Mr. Wade go, if they knew it was you who found Mr. Wade, then they will only want to get rid of you and Mr. Wade!”

“What should I do then?” Aoxue cried and said, “Dad, I really didn’t mean to cause trouble to Mr. Wade. Mr. Wade is not in danger, right?”

Qin Gang said: “The Wu family hasn’t found out that it is Mr. Wade yet, but you have to make it clear to me, who knows about this?”

Aoxue said, “Only I and Mr. Wade know.”

“Only you two?” Qin Gang asked puzzledly: “Where is your girlfriend? Doesn’t she know?”

Aoxue said: “It’s very strange that she didn’t remember Mr. Wade at all. When she recalled this incident, she didn’t remember the existence of Mr. Wade at all. She just remembered that she suddenly seemed to have an epiphany. She must live well and serve the society and contribute to it.”

Qin Gang couldn’t help sighing: “Mr. Wade’s methods are really superb! Not only Wu Qi can’t remember him afterwards, but girlfriend can’t remember him as well.”

Speaking of this, Qin Gang said again: “This way, I feel relieved, but you must remember not to talk about this to other people, do you understand?”

Aoxue hurriedly said, “Dad, I understand!”

“Yeah.” Qin Gang exhorted, “In order to prevent trouble to Mr. Wade, you have taken it with you in school during this period of time. Don’t contact Mr. Wade to avoid being discovered about this relationship. Do you understand? “

Aoxue felt a little disappointed and sad when she heard her father say not to let her contact Mr. Wade.

But then she thought about it. This is also to prevent causing trouble for Mr. Wade, so she agreed and said: “Dad, I know, don’t worry, I will be obedient.”

“Yeah.” Qin Gang relieved his heart and said, “Okay, let’s do this first, Dad is still okay.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone.

As soon as the phone hung up, Solmon White hurriedly asked, “Old Qin, Wu Qi, is it really the work of Mr. Wade?”

Qin Gang nodded with a serious expression, then looked at Orvel, and said seriously: “Mr. Orvel, really you analyze it right!”

Orvel said, “Two, do we want to talk to Mr. Wade? Let him be prepared and also be prepared?”

“Of course!” Qin Gang hurriedly said, “Not only must we clarify these things, we also have to show our attitude, otherwise, if Mr. Wade knows that we are eating with Regnar, but it will also be even more troublesome if we misunderstand that we are standing in line with Regnar…”

As he said, Qin Gang sighed and said, “If I knew that the Wu family and his son wanted to deal with Mr. Wade and beat him to death, so I won’t come to this dinner!”

“Yeah!” Orvel cursed, “I also think that the Wu family is also the first family in the south of the Yangtze River. Since I am hosting a banquet in my mansion, I must be considerate, but I never expected that this pair of dogs and sons wanted to deal with Mr. Wade. If I knew this earlier. I would rather offend the Wu family than let him host a banquet in my Classic Mansion, especially the diamond box that Mr. Wade sat in…”

Solmon White blurted out: “The three of us have had the chance of Mr. Wade. The magic medicine that Mr. Wade gave me is still stored next to my body. Therefore, the three of us must be dedicated to Mr. Wade’s. The top priority now is to follow Wade. Orvel explained clearly, we must let Mr. Wade know our attitude!”

Qin Gang nodded and said, “Well, then, I will call Mr. Wade!”