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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 632 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 632 Start

Thinking of this, Mr. Orvel suddenly felt a little worried.

He could see that Regnar hated those who hurt Wu Qi deeply, and he was extremely angry with the man Warnia liked.

If these two things point to two people, both of them will undoubtedly die. At least in Regnar’s eyes, they are both targets that must be killed.

If these two things point to the same person, then the Wu family is afraid that they will do everything they can to kill this person.

Therefore, he couldn’t help worrying about Mr. Wade.

Although he knew that Mr. Wade was very strong, he was still a little worried in the face of a big family like the Wu family.

After the dinner, everyone sent Regnar and Roger to the downstairs of Classic Mansion. The dogs including Liu Guang had to accompany Regnar and Roger to the parking lot.

Orvel, Solmon White, and Qin Gang did not go with them, but after saying goodbye, they looked at each other and returned to Classic Mansion.

Back in Orvel’s office, Qin Gang said with some worry: “Two, the Wu family seems to be trying to find Mr. Wade, and it’s not good for Mr. Wade. What should we do?”

Solmon White sighed and said, “Ms. Warnia’s thoughts on Mr. Wade are obvious to all, but only those of us know about it, and outsiders don’t.”

Orvel waved his hand and said: “If the Wu family really bothers to inquire, this kind of thing will not be able to hide it. Not only do we know this, but the people of the Song family also know. I have seen the details of Miss Warnia getting along with Mr. Wade. People will know sooner or later.”

Orvel said with a stern face: “I am not only worried about this.”

After speaking, Orvel asked Qin Gang: “Ms. Qin, Miss Aoxue, is studying at Aurous Hill College of Finance and Economics?”

“Yes.” Qin Gang said with a smile: “Aurous Hill College of Finance and Economics is one of the best financial universities in China. Among them, the business management major is particularly powerful. I want her to study business management experience here so that she can help me better.”

Orvel nodded and said, “Then you should know that the second son of the Wu family, Wu Qi, is also attending Aurous Hill School of Finance and Economics?”

“I know.” Qin Gang nodded and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Orvel said: “I now suspect that Wu Qi has become like this, thanks to Mr. Wade!”

“What?!” Qin Gang and Solmon White both looked shocked.

Qin Gang asked, “Why do you say that?”

Orvel said: “I think the greatest possibility is because of Miss Aoxue. If you want to confirm, Mr. Qing can call Ms. Aoxue and ask if she knows about Wu Qi.”

Qin Gang’s expression gradually became serious.

He thought for a moment, nodded and said: “I will call Aoxue now.”

After speaking, he took out his mobile phone and called Aoxue immediately.

Aoxue was practicing fighting in villa at this time.

In the Qin’s villa, there is a huge room, which is specially reserved for Aoxue as a gym and exercise room.

Aoxue has been obsessed with fighting Sanda since she was a child, and she must practice at home as long as she has time.

Since getting to know Charlie, Aoxue practiced harder and harder.

In her mind, she felt that Mr. Wade has such a strong strength, he would definitely not like a weak woman.

Therefore, she must work hard to improve her own strength, even if it is impossible to catch up with Mr. Wade, she can’t make him look down upon herself!