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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 630 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 630 Start

Regnar said indifferently: “I’m not asking you to deal with the Song family, but my son fell in love with Warnia and wanted to marry, but Warnia seems to not belong to him, so I want you to help me find the one Warnia likes. Man, find him, I will have a great reward!”

Solmon White and the others immediately looked at each other again.

If you want to say that Warnia already has someone she likes, then there can be no one else besides Mr. Wade…

However, it is naturally impossible for them to say Charlie’s name.

Liu Guang asked diligently: “Mr. Regnar, do you want me to find this person and kill him?”

Regnar waved his hand and said, “We don’t need your help for anything else in this matter. You just need to find this person for me. My Wu family will decide how to deal with it.”

Everyone at the dinner table had their own thoughts.

This time the Wu family’s treat, the two things turned out to be to find someone, and both were rewarded. If you can find a clue, you can also receive a generous reward.

Regnar said at this time: “Okay, there are so many things to ask everyone to help. Let’s start eating now. I will offer you a drink first.”

Everyone picked up their wine glasses and had a drink with Regnar.

At this time, Liu Guang pleased Regnar and said, “Mr. Regnar, I don’t know how the second young master is now?”

Hearing his question, Regnar frowned instinctively.

Which pot are you really supposed to f*cking open?

However, since he wanted to collect a few dogs for his own use, of course he couldn’t be too demanding on the dogs as soon as he came up, so he shook his head and said, “Nothing gets better, I have sent him back to Wu’s house.”

Liu Guang hurriedly said: “Mr. Orvel, I know that a genius doctor came to Aurous Hill recently. It is said that he is extremely skilled. He used to treat big figures in Eastcliff and Zhonghai! Why don’t you see him for the second young master?”

“Oh?” Regnar put down his chopsticks and hurriedly asked, “Who is the genius doctor you are talking about? What is the name?”

Liu Guang hurriedly replied: “It is the well-known genius doctor Tianqi who is said to be much more skilled than the doctors in the National Medical Center.”

Regnar was surprised and said: “The genius doctor Tianqi is in Aurous Hill?! How did I hear that he has been in Zhonghai!”

It is said that the Wu family is the first family in the south of the Yangtze River, but that does not include Zhonghai. Zhonghai is a municipality with the best economic development in the country. Like Eastcliff, there are many great people living there.

It was said that Tianqi spent most of his time in Zhonghai, and occasionally went to Eastcliff to see the rich and powerful. Regnar naturally heard about it, but he did not expect that Tianqi would be in Aurous Hill. After all, Aurous Hill is only a second-tier city. Compared with Zhonghai, Eastcliff is far behind!

Liu Guang laughed, and hurriedly said, “I don’t know why, the genius doctor Tianqi suddenly came to Aurous Hill, and opened a Clinic directly in Aurous Hill. Now that place is hot, many rich people are willing to spend millions in consultation fees!”

After speaking, Liu Guang said again: “I heard that a high-level paraplegia has been cured by God doctor Tianqi some time ago, and the whole world is shocked!”

“Really?!” Regnar was instantly ecstatic when he heard this!

Never imagined that Aurous Hill still has a genius doctor like Tianqi!

If you find him to help, the second son’s problem may be saved!