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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 63 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 63 Start

Gerald didn’t know the reason, so he was very annoyed. Now that so many classmates are watching, he can only grit his teeth and look for other relationships.

Gerald made another call to the person in charge of the district public security branch.

This person also has a good relationship with his Dad.

As soon as the phone was connected, Gerald immediately said, “Director Issac, it’s me, Gerald, I have something to do in the development zone.”

Having said that, Gerald said the matter again.

The other party said embarrassingly: “Gerald, the other party is A Biao’s person, A Biao is Mr. Orvel’s person, you’d better not intervene in this matter.”

Gerald asked: “Don’t you care?”

The other side said: “You should also know the status of Orvel.”

Gerald was also a little flustered, and said, “Then you can always save face and help with the other party, right?”

The other party chuckled and said, “I really can’t sell this face, sorry.”

Gerald was angry and said, “Issac , I remember that you still want Emgrand Group to donate a batch of police cars to your branch? Don’t you want it?”

The other party simply didn’t say anything to him, and said coldly: “Gerald, your dad has been expelled from the Emgrand Group, don’t you know?”

“Expelled!? When did it happen?”

“Half an hour ago!”

The other party said, and then said: “You can figure it out by yourself before speaking.”

After speaking, hung up the phone!

Scarface saw him stunned, and said with a sneer: “Why? Can’t find anyone?”

Gerald was about to open his mouth to speak, but unexpectedly, Scarface slapped him in the face, and Gerald staggered, knocking down the table and chairs!

The audience was in an uproar!

Everyone’s faces were pale, but no one dared to step forward to stop this scarface.

“Do you dare to hit me?”

Gerald covered his face, his pale face showed deep anger.

“What’s wrong with me hitting you?”

Scarface smiled, and kicked Gerald’s stomach again, kicking Gerald to the ground, and follow up was a violent beating!

Gerald screamed when he was beaten, but at this moment, no one could help him.

After a while, Gerald was beaten into a pig’s head, his face covered in blood looked terrible.

Gerald was afraid of being beaten, crying and begging: “Big Brother, Big Brother, I was wrong! Please stop beating!”

“Wrong?” Scarface snorted coldly: “Well, just do it? You f*cking pretend to be forceful with me. If I don’t kill you, how will you get along?”

After speaking, greet the others: “d*mn, give me a hard hit!”

A crowd rushed up immediately, punching and kicking Gerald!

Some people even smashed him with a baseball bat. The scene was terrible.

Seeing that Gerald was beaten to death, Scarface walked in front of Stephen at this time, and threatened coldly: “Your friend pretended to be forceful with me. The original 20% has now become 40%! If you don’t agree, his fate , is what awaits you too!”

Stephen was panicked, but if he wasted 40% of his shares in one go, wouldn’t he become a part-time job holder for this gang?

So he plucked up the courage and said: “If you want 40%, then you might as well kill me!”

Scar frowned and said coldly: “Okay! Then I will fulfill your wish!”

After speaking, he immediately took out a bright sharp knife from his pocket.

Everyone was frightened, and the female classmate even screamed.

Charlie saw that the scar was about to act on Stephen, and immediately blurted out: “Put the knife down for me!”

The Scarface turned his head and cursed: “Who the f*ck wants to die?”