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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 629 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 629 Start

Faced with Regnar’s problem, Solmon White smiled faintly and said: “Mr. Regnar, it’s true that we three have already been loyal to the end of the life. Therefore, if you want us to join the Wu family, forgive us, it is difficult to follow…”

Qin Gang touched his nose, and then said: “Mr. White’s meaning is also my meaning.”

Regnar looked at Mr. Orvel and asked, “Orvel, how about you?”

Mr. Orvel smiled and said: “I’m just a mess, I can’t get on the stage, but I pay attention to the meaning of the word. The people I depend on now are very good to me, and I can’t switch loyalties quickly.”

Regnar frowned, he did not expect that the attitude of these three people would be so determined.

He thought that all three of them were swearing allegiance to the Song family, and he was still wondering, what benefits did the Song family give them to make them so loyal?

When Liu Guang heard what the three of them said, he stood up excitedly and pointed at the three of them and cursed: “You guys, don’t be f*cking shameless, do you know what the Wu family represents? I want to make it for the Wu family outside. Dog people, many can line up two streets, Wu always remembered that you are not lucky, you are what you dare to refuse!”

At this time, Regnar reached out his hand to stop Liu Guang’s questioning, and said lightly: “Everyone has aspirations, and Wu does not force it.”

As he said, he said again: “However, even if you don’t have allegiance to the Wu family, it’s okay to help?”

Orvel said indifferently: “Mr. Regnar, please say, as long as you don’t violate the principle, it is naturally possible.”

Regnar nodded and said: “I came to Aurous Hill this time. There are two main things. The first thing is that my Wu family has some trouble. Surely everyone is aware of it?”

No one answered, but the embarrassing expression said it all.

Regnar also knows that the matter of the second son is too detrimental to the dignity of the Wu family, and has made the Wu family a laughing stock in the hearts of countless people, but the more so, the more he can’t wait to find the culprit who killed the second son.

Therefore, he said with a cold face: “The first thing is to help me find the person who harmed my second son. I am not very familiar with the situation in Aurous Hill, so I have to rely on you for this matter. People pay more attention. If there is any news about this matter, please notify me in time. My Wu family will pay a lot of money. I personally promise that the reward will not be less than 100 million!”

One hundred million, just to find a clue, it can be seen that the Wu family’s handwriting is indeed very big!

Liu Guang blurted out almost immediately: “Mr. Regnar, please rest assured, the Liu family must go all out!”

The Patriarch of the Zhao family and the Kevin family, unwilling to be left behind, expressed their opinions one after another.

Solmon White, Qin Gang, and Mr. Orvel still did not express their views.

Regnar was a little frustrated, and asked, “Three, don’t you want to give Wu this little face?”

Qin Gang and Solmon White and Mr. Orvel looked at each other and said, “It’s not that we don’t give up to President Wu. Now that President Wu has spoken, we will do our best to help. It’s just that the three of us have relatively solid personalities and don’t like to talk about everything.”

The other people who knelt and licked Regnar’s expressions were a bit unsightly, but they couldn’t say anything.

Regnar nodded lightly.

He already knows the attitudes of these three people. It’s okay to help, but it’s impossible to be a dog.

If it was Regnar’s previous character, he would be mad at this time.

But today’s situation is special. He thinks business matters most, so he gave Qin Gang and the three of them coldly and then continued: “This is the first thing, the second thing, and it has something to do with Warnia, the lady from Song Family.”

“Song family?” Orvel frowned and said, “Mr. Regnar, Miss Song treats us very well. If you want to target Miss Song, I will never agree!”