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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 625 Free Novel

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Roger exclaimed when he heard this, and blurted out: “Mr. Orvel actually used a knife to carve the words “Poor Hang” on the forehead of Liu Guang’s only son? It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a deadly vengeance!”

“Yes.” Regnar smiled slightly and said: “I guess that Liu Guang and his son wanted to kill Mr. Orvel in their dreams. Eat his meat!”

When Roger heard this, he couldn’t help asking: “Dad, since you know that Liu Guang and Mr. Orvel have an antagonism, why do you invite this Liu Guang over to the dinner?”

Regnar smiled and said, “Don’t you think Liu Guang is a good use object? A dog who wants to bite but dare not open his mouth. What he lacks most is a dog that can support him and let him open his mouth and bite with confidence. the host.”

Roger said, “Dad if you want to take advantage of Liu Guang, why set the dinner in Classic Mansion? He and Mr. Orvel are like fire and water, isn’t it difficult?”

Regnar looked at Roger with deep eyes and said, “Liu Guang and Mr. Orvel are both dogs. The only difference is that Liu Guang is a stray dog ​​without an owner, while Mr. Orvel is a dog of the Song family.”

Roger nodded and asked, “What then? Dad, what’s the meaning of this?”

Regnar said: “If you want to marry Warnia in the future, you must have your own power in Aurous Hill. Now these Aurous Hill families are very polite to us, but they do not regard us as masters, but the Song family as masters. Therefore, We must develop our own forces in Aurous Hill.”

After that, Regnar said again: “There are two kinds of forces, one is on the ground, the other is underground, and on the ground, these are the serious business families other than the Liu family and Mr. Orvel, and the underground. If we can’t subdue Mr. Orvel, we must train a dog that can fight against Mr. Orvel. Therefore, Liu’s family is the best choice.”

Regnar looked at Roger and seriously warned: “If you want to inherit the Wu family in the future, you must be skilled in strategy. Why should I invite Liu Guang to dinner at Classic Mansion?”

“On the one hand, we want to make Liu Guang feel pleasantly surprised. He is a stray dog ​​like one who has no owner. He finally has the opportunity to eat with a big man like me.”

“On the other hand, I want to make Liu Guang feel humiliated. The humiliation is that a stray dog ​​like him who has no owner can only swallow his anger when facing his mortal enemy Mr. Orvel. Only when he is humiliated will it be doubled. His desire for revenge! At that time, I will be merciful, give Liu Guang a chance, let him be my son, and give him a chance to revenge. He will definitely be grateful to me and go all out to deal with Orvel.”

“If Mr. Orvel falls, then he is the underground emperor of Aurous Hill. Then, the underground world of Aurous Hill will be the power of our Wu family, understand?”

After listening to this, Roger suddenly realized!

He was excited and said: “Dad, this trick of you is really wonderful! In this case, Liu Guang will definitely treat you and our Wu family! We want to enter Aurous Hill in the future. Liu Guang is our vanguard and bridgehead!”

Regnar praised: “Yes, only in this way will Aurous Hill become the unbreakable hinterland of the Wu family in the future.”

Roger admired his father’s strategy in his heart, and sighed: “I don’t know when I will have a tenth of you, father…”

Regnar smiled slightly and said: “Your current style of behavior is quite similar to that of mine. What you have to do now is to accumulate more, settle more, think more, and don’t be impulsive in everything, you must slowly figure it out!”

Roger said, “Dad, I understand!”

“Yeah.” Regnar nodded in satisfaction and said: “So if you return to Warnia, you must have enough patience, be steady, and let me get Warnia through like an eagle!”

Roger looked stunned, and immediately said respectfully: “Dad, I know! I will definitely not disappoint your expectations!”

When the voice fell to the ground, the car also arrived at the gate of Classic Mansion.