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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 623 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 623 Start

While Charlie was busy cooking, Regnar and Roger, and his son also left the Willson family and drove to Classic Mansion.

Tonight, Regnar hosted a banquet in Classic Mansion and invited some of the most prestigious people in Aurous Hill. On the one hand, he wanted to find clues to the sudden change of his younger son Wu Qi, and on the other hand, to let the Wu family lay a little foundation in Aurous Hill.

Although the Wu family is the first family in Aurous Hill, it does not mean that they have sufficient control over the entire Aurous Hill.

The Wu family’s base camp is in Suzhou, so they have extraordinary control in the Suzhou area, but Aurous Hill is the Song family’s base camp, so the Wu family’s influence in Aurous Hill is far worse than the Song family.

Originally, the major families in Aurous Hill each had their own spheres of influence, and everyone maintained such a tacit understanding and respect for each other, and no one would expand their strength within the sphere of influence of the other side.

Regnar didn’t want to go deep in Aurous Hill, but the key is now that his eldest son Roger wants to marry Warnia from the Song family. In order to achieve this goal, Roger will stay in Aurous Hill for a long time in the future, so he prepared to fight with Aurous Hill families first. A greeting can also bring enough convenience to Roger in Aurous Hill in the future.

Roger has been a bit irritable for the past two days, first of all, because the last time Regnar and Mr. Song mentioned the marriage, Mr. Song directly refused, making Roger feel very shameless.

In addition, Roger is even more troubled by Warnia’s attitude.

In the past few days that he and her father lived in Song’s house, Warnia went out early and returned late every day!

In the past, he heard from Honor that Warnia used to eat breakfast at home before going out, and then went home early in the evening to accompany her father to dinner.

But now, Warnia doesn’t even eat breakfast every day and drives away straight out of her room in the morning.

In the evening, after she had eaten outside, comes back very late, and goes directly back to the room, basically not giving Roger a chance to meet.

This made him depressed.

He really didn’t expect Warnia to look down on him a little bit, unwilling to marry him, why is she acting like this?

In the car, Regnar also noticed that his son’s condition was not right, so he said: “You, you have to be more patient in everything. For a girl like Warnia, the whole Aurous Hill may not be able to find the second one. If you want to get your hands on her, it must take some energy and think.”

Roger was angry and said, “Dad, there is no other young man in Aurous Hill who is better than me, right? I can match her, why does she not know how to praise?”

Regnar said indifferently: “You don’t understand, girls from big families are always more popular than boys from big families.”

Then, he said: “A woman like Warnia, even among Eastcliff’s first-class and top families, would want to marry her in, because she is not only beautiful and capable, but the family strength is not weak, both inside and outside. It’s all very good. Not only does it save face when married, it can also play a very important role in the family, and even brings a generous dowry.”

“However, if you want to marry a girl from a Eastcliff first-class family or a top-class family, it will be as difficult as the sky. It is difficult for them to look at you. This is because when they look at you, they don’t just look at you, but It is the strength of the entire Wu family.”

“In layman’s terms, in the upper class, if a woman’s comprehensive strength reaches 70 points, then she can marry a man with a comprehensive strength of 80 points; but a man whose comprehensive strength reaches 70 points is difficult to marry a comprehensive strength of 70 points woman.”

Roger was a little angry, but blurted out: “Then what do you mean, I am looking for Warnia or am I climbing?”

Regnar said indifferently: “Although you may not like to listen to the truth, it is basically the same as this. Warnia will definitely find a better man than you, but it is difficult for you to find a better woman than Warnia.”

Roger was stunned. At first he was a little unconvinced. After thinking about it, he felt that what Dad said was right.

Warnia is indeed the woman with the highest overall score he has ever met.

As for the daughters of those big families in Eastcliff, even if the family is richer than the Song family, it is difficult to have the appearance and temperament of Warnia.