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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 622 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 622 Start

At this time, Jacob said happily: “By the way, my wife, give me 20,000, and I have a dinner tomorrow.”

“A treat for dinner?” Elaine suddenly became nervous, and blurted out: “Dinner for 20,000?!”

Jacob couldn’t help but said with joy: “I joined our Aurous Hill Calligraphy and Painting Association some time ago. Now there is a vacancy for a standing director in the association. I want to fight for it! So I want to invite the chairman and other executives. The directors have a meal together to bring the relationship closer.”

After that, Jacob said with a smug look: “If I can take the position of executive director, then I will be a celebrity in the Aurous Hill antique circle in the future!”

Elaine hurriedly scolded: “Are you going crazy? A treat for dinner costs 20,000? You run the money printing machine at home? I tell you, I won’t agree!”

Jacob hurriedly said: “Oh, my wife, don’t you want to climb up too! As a standing director, I will have more opportunities to get in touch with antique calligraphy and painting in the future, and there will be more opportunities to pick up the leaks. You are not the skill I missed. Haven’t you seen it before, I made hundreds of thousands in one hand!”

Elaine was very guilty and said, “That’s not okay to spend 20,000 on a dinner party! Do you really think that the wind blows at home?”

Jacob said angrily: “I spent this money, and I will definitely earn it back in the future! The big deal, can I still borrow yours?”

Elaine said contemptuously: “Who doesn’t know your level of stinking, even if you are a standing director, what can you do? I think you are about the same as Charlie a liar!”

Jacob was immediately anxious: “You Lady Willson, why do you look down on me so much?”

Elaine snorted: “I just look down on you, what’s the matter? Tell you, you want money, no!”

After speaking, she turned around and went back to the room pretending to be angry.

Jacob was very depressed.

What the h*ll are you doing, stinky girl?

Don’t give me 20,000?

I made a lot of money anyhow!

He was about to go to the room to find Elaine for the theory. Charlie hurriedly stopped him and said with a smile: “Dad, since Mom doesn’t want to give you money, it’s useless for you to chase after her.”

Jacob said angrily, “But I have already greeted them, and I want to invite them to dinner! I only have one thousand in my pocket, which is not enough for a treat!”

As he said, Jacob said again: “Our president said, I have a great chance to be the standing director, and it depends on whether I can perform well!”

When Charlie heard this, his heart suddenly felt helpless.

father-in-law, who knows no antique calligraphy and painting, is exactly a half-blind among the blind. He has been cheated so many times and lost a lot of money. In the end, he made a fortune by cheating on Ervin Jones.

It is said that Ervin Jones now hides from him every day, does not answer his phone calls, does not answer his WeChat, and sees him in Antique Street, even if he doesn’t want the stall, he will run away.

People like him are mixed in the Association of Calligraphy and Painting, which is just a way of filling the numbers.

However, Charlie naturally wouldn’t say such things, so he said to Jacob: “Dad, I still have some private money. Let me transfer 20,000 to your WeChat.”

When Jacob heard this, he immediately said with excitement: “Oh my good son-in-law! You really helped Dad a great favor!”

Charlie sighed, transferred 20,000 to him, and said, “Claire is coming back soon. I will cook.”

Jacob received the money and hurriedly said flatteringly: “Good son-in-law, I’ll help you wash rice!”