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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 618 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 618 Start

Noah’s expression is uncertain, and he is also highly suspicious now that his wife ran away with the money!

Except for this explanation, nothing else can be explained!

Four people can’t just disappear from the world, right?

When the world has evaporated, there should be some shadows and clues left?

Combined with Horiyah’s 15 million cash in hand, he even felt that Horiyah might be sentenced to himself.

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said, “No, I have to go to Elaine and ask in person!”

The Old Mrs. Willson angrily hit Noah with a cane on the back and cursed: “Go and ask her the question, and then find me the stinky lady Horiyah! Even if you can’t find her, you have to Get the 15 million back for me. If you can’t find the money, don’t do it! Just assume I never gave birth to you!”

Noah nodded and said, “Well, I’ll go now!”

Old Mrs. Willson suddenly said, “Don’t worry! I’ll go with you!”

Noah collapsed and said, “Mom, what are you going to do! Don’t make trouble with it!”

“I add chaos?!” Old Mrs. Willson scolded angrily: “You have lost all the money, and now you say I add chaos? I tell you, I must go this time! If you don’t solve this matter for me, I I will live at Jacob’s house from now on, and I will sever the mother-child relationship with you!”

Noah couldn’t tell the hardship, so he nodded and said, “Oh, let’s go together!”

The two of them were very anxious, they went out for a taxi, and went straight to Elaine’s house.

Charlie and his father-in-law were sitting on the sofa watching TV, while the mother-in-law Elaine was alone in the room, wrapped her head in the bed and weeping, still distressing over two million cash and the broken jade bracelet .

At this time, suddenly there was a bang on the door.

Charlie stood up and opened the door, and found the Old Mrs. Willson and Noah standing at the door, frowning and asking, “What are you doing here?”

The Old Mrs. Willson was so angry when she saw Charlie, she cursed angrily: “You Rubbish, get out of my way and let Elaine come out!”

Charlie frowned and said coldly: “Lady Willson, our family has severed relationship with you, you are not welcome here!”

“What are you talking about?!” Old Mrs. Willson cursed angrily: “Who gave you the order? How dare you be disrespectful to me?!”

Charlie said coldly: “Do you think you were the former Patriarch of the Willson family? Wherever you go, you are a domineering spirit? Tell you, you are not welcome here, hurry up and leave!”

After speaking, Charlie had to close the door.

Jacob heard the movement at this time and ran over.

Seeing the two people at the door, he couldn’t help frowning and asked: “What are you doing here?”

The Old Mrs. Willson coldly snorted, and asked with sheer majesty: “Jacob! Do you still see me as your mother in your eyes?”

Jacob was taken aback and said, “You want to sever the relationship with me. You should ask yourself if you have me as son in your eyes.”

Mrs. Willson’s expression was very ugly, and she blurted out: “Blood is thicker than water! I am your mother at all times!”

Jacob has been wronged by the Lady Willson for so many years. It is long enough. He said angrily: “When you are bored with me, you will cut off your relationship with me. Whenever you need me, it will always be my mother? I’m sorry, such a mother. I don’t want either!”

After speaking, Jacob turned his head and went back to the room.

Charlie looked at Mrs. Willson and Noah, smiled slightly, and said, “You have heard what my father-in-law said, please go back!”