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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 616 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 616 Start

If Horiyah really got tens of millions in hand, maybe she would really do something like this. After all, this woman and Elaine had a good relationship with each other, and they were both eye-catching and addicted to money.

Now, he, his son, his daughter, and even her own mother have all become oil bottles. Maybe she would really choose to roll all the money and leave!

Thinking of this, Noah’s face was uncertain, and said, “I’ll call Elaine and ask.”

After speaking, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called Elaine.

This time, the call went through quickly.

When Noah heard the call connected, he said quickly: “Elaine, I am your eldest brother…”

When Elaine heard his voice, her teeth tickled with hatred!

This old dog! Horiyah had set up a trick to deceive her, he must know!

Moreover, maybe this old dog is making suggestions behind his back!

Thinking of the extremely heavy losses today, Elaine couldn’t wait to greet Noah’s 18th generation directly on the phone!

However, when she thought that Horiyah’s dog had been sent to the black coal kiln, she could only suppress the anger in her heart and said disdainfully: “Noah, my husband and I have left the Willson family. Why are you calling me now?”

Noah was also annoyed when he heard this, but when he asked her to find out, he couldn’t annoy her, so he could only ask angrily, “Elaine, can you count me wrong?”

Elaine snorted and said, “Let’s talk about it, what can you do with me?”

Noah hurriedly asked: “Elaine, have you seen Horiyah today?”

Elaine immediately denied, “No, since I was in Shehlain’s villa last time, I have never seen my sister-in-law again. What’s wrong?”

“No?!” Noah cursed inwardly, didn’t this stinky lady show that she was lying?

Today, Horiyah has been broadcasting to him live on WeChat, reporting to him downstairs at the house, reporting to him in her BMW car, and reporting to him when playing mahjong with her.

Even, she has reported to him how much money and things she won with her. She is telling him that she didn’t see her?

Although Noah was very angry in his heart, he could only hold back his anger and said, “When Horiyah went out today, she said she was going to play mahjong with you. Have you really not seen her?”

Elaine felt a little guilty. After all, the three people who played mahjong with her today, even the same gang of gangsters, were sent to dig coal. If they let their family know that they are related to him, they might get revenge on him. If they call the police, she can’t argue with it!

Therefore, she can only deny it to the end!

So she impatiently said to Noah: “You are really interesting, I have not seen her, can I not count it in my heart? I have never seen her before!”

Noah didn’t care if he would be exposed, and said quickly, “Elaine, don’t hang up. Tell me the truth, did you see her? Where did she go? In the afternoon, she sent me a WeChat message. Now, she said she played cards with you, and she also said that she won your son-in-law Charlie’s villa at the first grade of Tomson. How could you never meet her?”

Elaine hurriedly said, “Noah, it’s interesting for you to talk. When did my villa went to her? Besides, I said that I haven’t seen Horiyah before! I’m not too late to bother. How could it be possible to play cards with her!”

Speaking of this, she also guessed in her heart that Noah must be behind the scenes.

So she gritted her teeth and said: “Noah, your wife, maybe she ran away or eloped with someone, deliberately playing mahjong with me as a pretense! I heard that she had packed one in KTV before. Tender ducks about the size of your sea dragon, the two of them kept saying they would save money and fly!”