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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 609 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 609 Start

When Charlie heard this, he shook his head slightly, and said lightly: “Forget Mr. Orvel, there are some things to learn to accept.”

Orvel looked at Elaine bitterly, while the latter was frightened.

At this time, Elaine didn’t dare to raise the subject of money anymore, so she could only temporarily feel wronged and distressed in her heart.

At this moment, several cars were parked in the courtyard of the villa, and Issac personally walked in with five sturdy people who were tied up.

Each of these five people were full of fear. As soon as she entered the door and saw Lian, the young man blurted out and asked her: “Mom, what is going on?!”

Lian saw that her husband, son-in-law, daughter, and daughter-in-law were all arrested, and the ghost cried and howled suddenly.

“I’m sorry for you, I’m sorry for you, blame me… you have to suffer with me…”

A man in his fifties hurriedly asked: “Wife, what is going on?!”

Charlie looked at him and said coldly, “Do you know that your wife has been so harmful to others?”

“I…I don’t know…” the man said dodgingly.

Charlie had a full view of his reaction and sneered: “Still talking to me? Your wife has been a croupier for decades. What kind of person she is? You don’t know what it is!”

After all, he looked at the five people one by one, and then asked: “Which of you are Lian’s son and daughter?”

A young man and young woman raised their hands timidly. They still don’t know what happened.

Charlie looked at them and sneered: “I heard that you are all high-achieving students from prestigious universities, then do you know, where did your university money come from?”

The two looked at each other, neither dared to speak.

Lian’s husband probably realized that something was wrong. It must be his wife who had been caught by someone. So he hurriedly said: “This gentleman, if my wife cheated while playing cards, then you can tell the truth. How much can I pay you?”

Lian cried and said, “Husband, our small 20 million has been donated, and the two million I won today have also been donated!”

“Donated it?!” Lian’s husband asked in surprise: “Who did you donate to?”

Charlie said coldly: “Donated it to Project Hope!”

After all, he observed the family and sternly reprimanded: “You vampires who specialize in cheating, don’t know how many people have been scammed and how many families have been ruined for so many years! But, you yourself are doing very well. The children have all gone to prestigious universities and become successful people. Don’t you have to pay this debt?”

Everyone in Lian’s family was frightened.

Charlie continued: “Today, I will send all your family to the black coal kiln in the west of Shanxi to dig coal for labor, and use your blood and sweat to redeem your sins for so many years!”

“Huh?!” all the young people suddenly collapsed.

A man shouted: “I am not from their family, I am just their son-in-law…”

Charlie nodded: “Son-in-law! I heard that you are doing microloans? Tell me, how many young people have you cheated?”


Charlie snorted coldly: “From now on, I will listen to you one more nonsense, you don’t have to go to the black coal kiln to dig for coal, I will dig a pit and bury you, 10 million years later, let you become coal !”

Another good-looking young woman cried and said, “I’m just their daughter-in-law, and I haven’t done anything to hurt anybody!”

Charlie asked back: “I heard that your house runs a black casino?”