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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 607 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 607 Start

Elaine just watched these people crying bitterly, and completely forgot that they had won more than two million cash!

Now she suddenly remembered, and blurted out to Charlie: “Hurry up and let them return the money to me! They also took my more than two million!”

The reason why Charlie asked them to donate all their money to Project Hope was to punish them on the one hand and to teach the mother-in-law a lesson.

Are you not greedy?

Are you a gambler?

Don’t you think you can make a fortune by playing mahjong?

Now let you lose all your cash, and let you increase your memory!

So Charlie asked the two people pretentiously: “The money you won from my mother-in-law, quickly discuss how to pay it back!”

The two looked at each other, crying and said, “All our money was donated! Even the money we won against her just now has also been donated…”

Charlie turned to look at his mother-in-law, and said helplessly: “Mom, they have no money.”

“What are you talking about?!” Elaine suddenly became mad, and rushed to grab Horiyah’s hair with one hand and Lian’s hair with the other, shaking her arms vigorously, and even pulled the heads of the two violently. Bumped together.

She cursed hysterically: “You two [email protected] who have suffered thousands! Give me all my money quickly! Give me back!!!”

Both of them had a lot of hair torn off. They screamed in pain. Horiyah cried aggrievedly: “My sister, forgive me, my sister, all your money has gone to Lian. I haven’t beaten you. One hundred thousand, and all of them have been donated…”

Elaine let go of Horiyah, tore at Lian’s hair with both hands, and then freed her hands to beat and dig on her face, and soon scratched her face with blood.

“What’s the last name, if you don’t return the money to me today, I have to peel off the skin on your face! I will ruin your face!”

Lian was so painful that she didn’t dare to fight back, she could only cry and begged: “Sister Elaine, Sister Elaine, please spare your life. I really have no money. All my money will be donated at your son-in-law’s orders. Yes, that includes winning your money, how can I still have money for you now…”

Elaine was crazy, tearing her mouth and cursing: “I don’t care! You pay me back! Give me all my money!”

Lian’s mouth was soon torn and bleeding, and the pain made her cry.

Elaine was already crazy at this time. She just wanted to get her money back. All the money in the family was in her account, which was all deceived by this group of people.

Now they just took the house back, nothing else…

Thinking of this, she was even more furious, kicking Lian to the ground with one kick, and riding on her, she drew left and right with blows.

Lian screamed while struggling violently. At this moment, Elaine and Lian were stunned at the same time when they heard a sudden pop in the pocket of their jacket.

After a while, Elaine roared like crazy: “Bangle! My mother’s bracelet! My mother’s jade bracelet!”

She yelled like crazy, and reached out to Lian’s pocket.

Immediately afterwards, she let out a painful ouch, and quickly pulled out her hand, her fingertips being cut and bleeding.

Even so, she took out a small broken jade bracelet from Lian’s pocket…

Elaine looked at the broken bracelet and sat on the ground and cried!

Four or five million bracelets!

I am robbed!

The most valuable jewelry of this jadeite is a bracelet. A bracelet with such a good material can sell for four to five million, but once it is broken, you can only make some ring faces or small pendants, which are worthless and may not add up. Sell ​​for two hundred thousand…