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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 606 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 606 Start

“Ah?!” Horiyah said in a panic: “I donated all my 15 million…”

“What about that?” Charlie said coldly, “You were the one who urged the chief to do this today. There is no reason to let Lian be punished by yourself, right?”

“Yes!” Lian blurted out angrily: “She is the real culprit!”

Charlie looked at Horiyah and said with a smile: “Your accomplices all say you are the culprit. Whatever you say you have to follow your old partner and go to the black coal mine to dig for coal and continue to contribute to the Hope Project.”

After speaking, Charlie pointed to another woman named Nivia, and said: “And you, the three of you, go to the black coal kiln to work together to make atonement.”

Nivia cried in fright, kowtow and said: “I was wronged, I was found by Lian to join in and play mahjong, i am not a culprit!”

Charlie said coldly: “Do you think I would believe you? Don’t be silly, and I will spare the other people in your household registration book. Otherwise, you will be like Lian, the whole family will be neat and tidy. Start digging for coal!”

Nivia trembled violently when he heard this. Although he was terrified, he didn’t dare to squeak a word.

Charlie immediately said to Orvel: “Mr. Orvel, today these little gangsters, including Ron, are counted as one. They will all be sent to work in the black coal kiln, and they will be given the worst accommodation and food. A monthly salary of 2,000, open all year round!”

After that, he sternly said: “These people, who work hard and consciously work overtime, will be given a reasonable salary increase. Those who do not work hard or shirk work will be deducted appropriately. Anyway, each of them, When will they donate 300,000 to the Hope Project by work, and then only let them go!”

Two thousand a month, twenty-four thousand a year, to save 300,000, it takes more than ten years.

Even if it is three thousand a month, thirty six thousand a year, it will take more than eight or nine years to save 300 thousand.

Charlie felt that since this group of people were also part of this gambling game, they would naturally have to atone for those who were ruined by the gambling.

It is also necessary to atone for the children who have gone through all kinds of hardships because of their parents’ gambling.

Letting them go to the black coal mine to dig for coal donations is the best punishment for them.

When Orvel heard this, he immediately said, “Okay Mr. Wade, I’ll let someone arrange a bus for them!”

Charlie said: “The gang of gangsters inside, break one leg of each before getting into the car, so as to avoid the black coal kiln being disobedient and trying to escape.”

Mr. Orvel said immediately: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will break one of their legs first. When they get there, they are tied up with iron chains when they work, eat, go to the bathroom, and even sleep. No one can run away!”

“Good.” Charlie nodded with satisfaction.

Horiyah cried at this time and said, “Charlie, you can’t let me dig coal for a lifetime…I still have my husband and children to take care of, and my mother-in-law to support…”

Charlie said indifferently: “This is simple, just like these people, when will you save 300,000 donations from work, and then will you regain your freedom?”

Horiyah suddenly collapsed and cried loudly, “Charlie, you can’t be so cruel Charlie, you know, we are all a family!”

Charlie asked her back: “Why were you so cruel when you cheated my mother-in-law? Why didn’t you think about it, we are a family?”


Elaine, who had not spoken all the time, shouted angrily at this time: “Horiyah, you b*tch girl with no conscience, you still say you are a family with us?”

Horiyah knelt in front of her, crying and begging: “Sister, thousands of mistakes are all the fault of your sister-in-law, but I am still your sister-in-law after all, so please forgive me this time!”

Elaine kicked her to the ground and yelled: “You have pitted my more than two million deposits. It is not enough. You have to pit my house. It is not enough to pit my son-in-law’s house. This is going to drive our family of four to death! Do you still have any conscience or humanity?”

Speaking of this, Elaine suddenly came back to her senses, slapped her thigh, and screamed: “Mom, my money!”