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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 603 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 603 Start

Lian collapsed.

Unexpectedly, Charlie looked harmless to humans and astupidls, and his methods were so ruthless!

He broke her ten fingers, and then played rock-paper-scissors with her. Now she can only produce cloth. Wouldn’t he lose as many as he plays?

Charlie looked at Lian at this time and said blankly: “Come on, let’s start.”

With that, Charlie waved his hands while muttering in his mouth: “Scissors, rocks, cloth!”

As soon as the voice fell, he immediately gestured a scissors hand.

Lian couldn’t control her fingers at all, so she could only look at Charlie with the eyes of a dead mother.

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “I produce scissors and you produce cloth. I won. You owe me ten million.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “Come on, let’s play the second one.”

“Scissors, rock, cloth!”

“Oh, I won again, you owe me 20 million.”

“Come on, the third one!”

“Scissors, rock, cloth!”

“You are really sincere, why do you always make money? You really can’t do anything about it. You owe me thirty million.”

Charlie amused himself, and soon won ten against Lian, accumulating 100 million.

So Charlie said to her: “Come on, settle the account.”

Lian cried and said, “Mr. Wade, I don’t have so much money…”

Charlie waved his hand: “Then I don’t care, call your family, your daughter-in-law, your son-in-law and daughter-in-law, and your husband. Bring all the money in your family and all the real estate that can be mortgaged, one If one hundred million is less than one point, I will send you and all the people in your household register who are over 18 years old to work in the black coal mine to repay debts. A monthly salary of two thousand, when will it be enough for 100 million, and only then will you be free? .”

After speaking, he asked Mr. Orvel: “Do you know the man who operates the black coal kiln?”

“I know.” Mr. Orvel blurted out: “I have a few buddies who committed something in Aurous Hill a few years ago, and later went to open coal mines in Jinx, and they can all be sent at any time!”

“Very good.” Charlie nodded and said to Lian: “Come on, take the initiative to explain, how many people are there in your household registration?”

Lian was frightened and knelt on the ground and cried, “Mr. Wade, my son, and daughter are all high-achieving students who graduated from prestigious universities. They are now social pillars. You can’t ruin their lives!”

Charlie sneered and said, “Okay, your own children are all graduates from famous universities? But what about the families you have killed? Can their children still eat? Can they survive? Let alone go to school. A prestigious university. When you ruined their lives, why didn’t you consider them?”

Lian regrets and fears, and her face is particularly pale.

She did kill a lot of people, and countless people were ruined by her, but she never cared.

She wants to make money, as long as she makes money, nothing else matters.

So now the retribution is coming.

Charlie wants to send all the sons and daughters she has cultivated to the black coal mine to dig coal!

It is the best punishment for her to personally destroy her life’s deceitful and abducted efforts!