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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 594 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 594 Start

As soon as he entered the door, the man made a calm face and asked in a cold voice: “f*ck, who dares not pay back the money they owe my second aunt?”

Lian pointed at Elaine immediately and said, “Ron, that’s her!”

The visitor was her eldest nephew, Ron He.

Ron’s icy gaze fell on Elaine, and said: “Okay, don’t you still owe money? Do you know who I am? Don’t you want to hang out in Aurous Hill?!”

Elaine was so scared that she trembled and said, “I…I really have no money…”

Lian said coldly: “Stop talking nonsense with me, take out the villa if you have no money, let’s clean it up!”

Elaine collapsed and shouted: “I have no money! I have so much money! I don’t have so much money if you kill me, you can’t have it!”

Ron stepped forward, grabbed Elaine by the hair, and slapped her face severely.

With a snap, Elaine’s cheeks and nosebleeds were all drawn out.

Elaine sat on the ground and yelled in embarrassment. Ron slapped her again and cursed: “d*mn, give me a haw, and I will tear your mouth!”

Elaine was shocked, and immediately closed her mouth, looking at Ron, not even daring to let out the atmosphere.

Ron kicked Elaine to the ground, stomped her face with his toes, and stomped her to the ground, and asked coldly: “I’ll ask you again, why don’t you pay the money?”

Elaine was beaten in severe pain, and she cried and wailed: “Sister Lian, for the sake of everyone and friends, please spare me this time!”

Lian frowned and said, “I have only met you this time. We are not friends. Besides, what kind of friend can forgive you 55 million in debt?”

Ron, who stepped Elaine under his feet, also threatened: “Old stuff, want to go wrong? Have you seen my brothers? I will let them take turns to wait for you, and then I will shoot a video. I think you should be right at your age. When it’s like a wolf like a tiger, your husband is afraid it will be difficult to satisfy you, right? Let a dozen lads make you cool today!”

Elaine was frightened suddenly!

She pleaded bitterly: “Sister Lian, do you think this will work? I’ll call my son-in-law and ask him to bring the house book from the villa. You can let me go…”

She could see clearly. The dozen or so people standing in front of her were all tattooed, and they were all fierce and evil.

This kind of person she can’t afford!

If I carry on like this, I’m afraid I will be beaten to death, or forced to shoot that kind of video…

It seems that Charlie can only come to save himself!

Ron smiled coldly at this time and said: “You can call, but you won’t let him call the police for you?”

“Absolutely not!” Elaine said hastily, “Can I fight in front of you?”

Ron said with a cold face: “Before you call, you should take off all your clothes and let me take a 360-degree video with no dead ends. If you dare to call the police in the future, or be careful, I will send the video online!”

Elaine was struck by lightning!

Want to make a video? !

I am in my 50s. Do these people want to make videos of me?

If this video goes out, do you want your old face?

Moreover, as long as you take this video yourself, it is basically equivalent to handing over your biggest handle to the other party.

With this as a threat, she is a doll at the mercy of others.

If you dare not repay the money, or call the police, the other party can publish this video and make her the laughing stock of Aurous Hill!

You can’t shoot this video!